Monday, December 21, 2015

The Mission Inn

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to visit The Mission Inn all decked out for the holidays.  This past Tuesday we bundled up and headed to see the pretty lights.

First stop was dinner at a local restaurant near The Mission Inn.  The girls love this place and so do we but they enjoy it because you get to throw your peanut shells on the ground.

It was pretty chilly this evening so we didn't stay too long.  This visit also was not a favorite in our books.  As soon as we walked up I noticed immediately they did not have the reindeer in the courtyard as they normally do so we were a little bummed right off the bat!

They also did not have the fake snow (tiny bubbles) they would blow every fifteen minutes.  This was a major bummer for the girls, they really look forward to this part.   We decided to walk around the hotel and enjoy the lights and hope for the best.   Of course the lights did not dissapoint and the girls knew that after we walked around the hotel we would stop at Caseys Cupcakes for dessert.

There were a lot of pretty choices! 
It took them awhile to decide on one cupcake.

They drank all of their chocolate milks but did not finish the cupcake, it was terrible!

I'm not quite sure what happened this trip but it was not great.  Their were no carolers, my favorite store was already closed for the evening, snow never fell, cupcakes that tasted horrible and the reindeer were missing!   We left a bit sad and not sure what to do next year about this tradition that used to be so magical for us.   Maybe we'll give it a second chance and hope for the best or maybe it's time to move on and find a new tradition for our family to make!


Tara said...

It's funny how things can change, right? I've never tasted a bad cupcake before but I'll take your word for it! The lights looked amazing and hats and mittens on your girls were adorable. Sorry it wasn't what it used to be!

Heather Deaver said...

Casey's Cupcakes are the WORST! Have you ever tried My Delight off of Mountain Ave.? SOOO good!