Monday, December 14, 2015

The Tree

Last Saturday we picked up our Christmas tree from Home Depot in record time and happily walked out.  I swear it was the very first tree Chris picked up and I said done, lets go!  The family was amazed.  Two years ago I took hours to pick out a very overpriced Christmas tree from a beautiful Christmas tree farm all while it was dark out and way too cold, the family has never let me live it down and I must admit I did not have much fun that time either.   I have done my best to let go of having the perfect tree and focus more on getting home so we can decorate and the girls can have fun.  It has definitely made the whole process a lot less stressful for us all!

When we got home daddy got the lights strung up with a litte help from Kayla, Brooklyn drank egg nog and watched Christmas movies while I sorted through the ornaments.   I let the girls do all of the decorating now that they are older all I do is lay them out and take pictures.  I might have to move a few in the end but they do pretty darn good all on their own.

Putting the star on top is always the very last thing and it is usually when the tears start flowing from
 Brooklyn but this year she was fine because she got to put it on after Kayla and knew it 
would not be coming back down.

The smell of a real Christmas tree and the twinkling lights make the house officially feel like the holidays.   

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Billie Jo said...

Just beautiful!