Sunday, December 13, 2015

Life Lately

Why o' why is this month going by so fast!??
I love the month of December and all the fun that comes along with the holidays but I so wish there were atleast another 30 days of the month!  The past two weeks have been pretty busy around here with me trying to get all the Christmas shopping done so I can relax for the remaining amount of time until Christmas.  I've managed to finish it all so I'm looking forward to the next two weeks of celebrating.  With everything going on we've still managed to fit in some Christmas cheer here and there.   Last Friday after dinner we watched a Christmas movie and ate some delicious holiday ice cream.

I had originally just scooped up some for the girls but made the mistake of tasting it and then it became a few scoops for the entire family.  It's so good!

Saturday morning we took the girls to a friends bowling party.  After bowling the kids were playing in the arcade and Brooklyn asked if I could win her a stuffed animal from the claw game and I said sure.  As I won her this giant frog I thought "why am I doing this? the last thing we need is another stuffed animal!"  You should have seen her face, she was so excited so I suppose it was worth it.

Kayla loves to go bowling so she was having a great time!

The party kids

After the party it was straight to Home Depot to pick out the tree.  In record time I picked out the very first tree we saw and we were done.  No more complaining of mommy taking too long to find a tree.  For the past two years I've let the Type A part of finding the perfect tree go and it sure is a lot less stresfull

After daddy strung the lights on we decorated, actually the girls decorated the tree and did a fabulous job.

We kept it simple for dinner that night with a meat and cheese platter, mozzarella sticks and fruit

Everyone was happy

Brooklyn came out with her froggy in a tutu that night all ready for bed

Saturday night we left a little gift on the table for the girls to open in the morning

They each got a new ornament for their Christmas trees in their rooms.

I picked up the cute fox ornament weeks ago at Target and knew they would love it!   We add a new ornament to their little trees every year and one day when they grow up and move out they will have their own collection of ornaments to take with them unless they want to continue to live with their mommy forever!!

Sunday was the perfect day to spend the day in pajamas and watch Christmas movies.  I also spent the day making a deliciuos dinner to enjoy.

I help out in Brooklyns class every other Tuesday and this week was my absolute favorite so far!  I spent the day helping the kids do several fun Christmas crafts and loved talking to them about their Christmas trees, Santa and what they want for Christmas.  

Wednesday was pajama day for the girls, they looked so cute and cozy going off to school that morning.

You know it's Christmas when the front porch looks like this!  I spent the remainder of the week getting presents wrapped and put under the tree.

Brooklyns top teeth are both very loose and by Friday this is what we were dealing with.  I was begging her to please wiggle that tooth out because Santa pictures were Saturday and I couldn't take looking at that scraggly tooth hanging much less in a picture with Santa!

By the time we had to pick up Kayla from school it was pouring rain and hailing with crazy winds so we were soaked after pick up.  We came straight home and the girls showered and got into their pajamas.   I made hot cocoa and we watched Christmas movies the rest of the night, it was perfect!

Saturday at lunch that tooth finally came out, just in time for Santa pics.

My girls ready to see Santa!

When the girls got in to see Santa he mentioned that he knew they wanted American Girl dolls for Christmas, Kaylas face was priceless!!  She looked at me with her mouth open wondering how on earth did he already know, it was perfect.

We met up with my sister n law, brother and nephew after they took their Santa pictures and we all went to dinner.  This is the second year we have done this and it has been such a fun little tradition.  My nephew has quite the personality and keeps us all entertained.   We had so much fun and the girls really enjoyed hanging out with their cousin.

These next two weeks we will be enjoying a few more fun family traditions and going to both of the girls Christmas programs at their school.   There is so much fun left to enjoy and only two weeks left to enjoy it.  Praying for the days to slow down!

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Billie Jo said...

So much Christmas fun in this one Shannon!
I love it all...the cocoa, the movies, your Santa picture turned out beautiful...and your Christmas themed dinner table looks amazing!!!!
And I agree!!!!!!
Please slow down!!!!!
Enjoy, my friend, enjoy!!!!