Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ten On Ten

Happy December Ten on Ten!!!
It's a very busy month and today I was definitely busy getting things ready for Christmas.
First things first, here in our home the morning doesn't begin until the girls find 'Elfie' this morning he wasn't hiding too hard because the day before it took the girls waaaayyyyy too long to find him and we don't have time for that on school days so thankfully 'Elfie' decided to go easy on them.

All ready for school!

Right after drop off I headed straight to Target to get the rest of my shopping done!  Now I just need to plan meals for a few holiday get togethers coming up.

I spent most of the afternoon wrapping presents, organizing presents and decorating and re-decorating here and there.

While I wrapped Brooklyn watched a Tinkerbell movie

Spent some time watering all the holiday plants around the house.  I don't think my mini poinsettas are going to make it til Chrismtas.   I hope I can find some more because they fit perfectly on my three tier stand.

Brooklyn enjoyed going through all of my wrapping supplies as well as using the paper as her microphone while practing her songs for her upcoming Christmas show.

Finally the tree has some presents underneath!
I still have a lot more to wrap, UPS needs to hurry and deliver my presents so I can get them ready.

Of course the girls were happy finding atleast one for each of them underneath the tree, that is until I told them they can't open them until Christmas day.

15 days people!!!


Billie Jo said...

Wow! You are on it!!!
Everything looks lovely!
15 days! No!
I need more music! More Christmas movies! More cocoa! And snow!!!! We haven't had a flake! Enjoy!

Jessica said...

Your tree is beautiful, makes me want to put mine up!