Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Williams, Arizona Part V ~ The Road Trip Home

Tuesday morning after breakfast it was time to head home.  The girls got to get in one more quick snowball fight before we left.  

We said goodbye to the beautiful Williams, Arizona views and drove two and half hours to Oatman, Arizona.  I wanted to make a stop in this town because it sounded fun and I knew the girls would love the wild donkeys that roam the streets.

We headed off the highway and drove for what seemed like forever through the middle of nowhere!

It was really pretty but Brooklyn was not a huge fan of the twists and turns up the mountain.

After that fun adventurous drive we reached the cute mining town of Oatman.  We parked and looked around to find the wild donkeys but they were nowhere to be found.  I was a little bummed since I really wanted the girls to see them but it was time for lunch so we headed into the historic Oatman Hotel, looked around the hotel and then ate a great lunch.

We took the picture below to see if the hotel ghost would show up but he didn't.

Kayla enjoying her sarsaparilla 

While we waited for our lunch we snuck outside to enjoy the gun show.   They also said that the gunfire always brings the donkeys down from the hills so I was happy to hear that maybe after we ate they might be out and about.

Sure enough as soon as we walked out from lunch there were donkeys everywhere!  The girls loved the donkeys, we could barely get them to move once they started petting them.

This little fella below was Brooklyn's favorite.  She still tells me how she misses him.   She didn't want to leave Oatman before saying goodbye to him.

The few times we got the girls away from the donkeys we looked through the old mines and did some shopping in the cute shops.

This town was so full of character and even though it was quite the drive to get to it was so worth it.   I really want to go back again someday for sure.   It was a great way to wrap up probably my favorite family vacation we have ever taken!  So many great memories were made in those few days, it's going to be a hard vacation to top!

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