Sunday, December 6, 2015

Williams, Arizona Part III ~ The Grand Canyon

Monday morning at 9 am we set off to make the hour drive to the Grand Canyon.  It was a chilly 30 degrees out at that time and I loved every bit of  that cold air.  It was fun getting all bundled up and being somewhere that really felt like Winter!  We wanted to get to the Grand Canyon early so we could make it back to another fun spot we wanted to take the girls that afternoon.   Getting there early was actually perfect because by the time we left, two hours later, the place was packed!

Pictures obviously do not do this place justice, it was surreal!

The best family picture we could get, the sun was in their eyes and they really do not like the sun in their eyes!

It wouldn't be a family vacation without one crying kid, right?!   I can't even remember what Brooklyn was crying over but I do know it was definitely something ridiculous because that's what she does.  She quickly got over it and that one moment was the only hiccup on our entire trip which I think is pretty dang good!

After we enjoyed the views at a few look out spots we walked through the information center where Kayla decided she wanted us to watch the thirty minute video about The Grand Canyon.  I wasn't thrilled at first but it was very informational and we all enjoyed it.

We looked through the gift shop for Brooklyn who stated that morning that she wanted us to go shopping.  She's so my child, I love a good gift shop.   We didn't purchase anything but it's always fun to look around.  Back outside the girls did some climbing and jumping before we packed back into the car for our hour drive back to the next destination.

A quick stop for lunch and on the road we went. 

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