Saturday, December 5, 2015

Williams, Arizona Part II ~ The Polar Express

Sunday after we checked into our hotel we got settled and then told the girls to change.  They had so many questions wondering why they had to change and then when they spotted Christmas pajamas laying out for them they really had questions.  Kayla didn't want to put them on she was so worried about wearing pajamas out in public I had to promise her numerous times that everyone else would be wearing pajamas so it would be okay.  After we were all finally in our pj's we headed to the train station.  As soon as we got near the station Brooklyn asked right away if we were going on a train and then asked if we were going on The Polar Express.  We kept quiet and let her think about it for awhile.

As soon as we got out and walked along the tracks we told them that Yes, we were going on The Polar Express.  They were both excited and just being there with all the other families dressed in their Christmas pajamas with children running around made it exciting.  We picked up our tickets and then went to our boarding spot and waited patiently.

All aboard!

Once on the car we waited again as patiently as we could.  The girls entertained themselves and us with their usual silly selves.

Family Christmas pajama pants

This is a little peak of the adorable town of Williams, Arizona.  This place had so much character, it was like stepping back in time.  I loved it there!

Once the train left to head to the North Pole our chefs served us all hot cocoa and cookies.  As the day turned into night the magic began!  The chefs danced and sang along to music from the actual movie and then we listened quietly to the book, The Polar Express.   

Soon enough we were at the North Pole.   As all of  the kids ran from one side of the train to the other and the parents moved quickly out of the way there was Santa, waving to us as we slowly drove by.  All of the lights were off inside the train so everyone could see outside and when this song came on all of the kids began to sing along and I could not help but get teary eyed, it was my favorite part of the entire experience hearing them all sing together while looking out the train windows.  It was pure magic! 

After passing by the North Pole, the train stopped and we headed back towards the way we came and when we were told to wave goodbye to Santa, he was not there.  Our chefs told us that Santa had somehow gotten onto the train and that if we all sang loud enough maybe he would come visit the car we were in.   The entire trip back all of the families sang along to Christmas carols and evenutally Santa did make his way to our car handing us each our very own bell before heading out and wishing us all a Merry Christmas!

At the time, I wasn't so sure that I really liked the entire experience because truthfully I was really worried that Kayla was over thinking it and it was going to effect her belief, she is getting to that age and I didn't want anything that happened to be something that made her question the magic of the holiday but now when I look back at the pictures and remember every moment of that night I know that it will be something we all will remember forever, like I said before it was pure magic! 

Part III coming soon

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