Thursday, December 3, 2015

Williams, Arizona Part I

On Sunday November 22 at 7am we loaded in the car and took off on our first family road trip.  The girls knew we were going to Arizona to see the grand canyon and there would be some surprises but they did not know anything else about what we were doing while we were there. We were all super excited and let me just say this was an amazing trip!! 

We drove and drove for five plus hours, most of the views looked like this.........

When you are in the middle of no where for hours with not a single gas station or store you stop in the middle of no where.

Like mother, like daughter

Eventually we made it to Arizona and found a Wendy's to grab some lunch at. The girls were so good the entire trip. I had stuff to keep them busy and they watched movies but mostly they just drew pictures.  I was very impressed on how well they did and think road trips might just happen a bit more now!

For weeks we had been checking weather reports hoping for snow while we were there but as the trip got closer there was no sow in the forecast.  This actually worked out for the better since snow may have ruined some of our plans.  Luckily as we got closer to the town we were staying in there was some snow still left on the ground from their last snow storm.

We drove past our hotel to our first surprise, The Grand Canyon Deer Farm.  Let me just say this was a great experience and probably my favorite thing on the trip, Kayla's too!

They were everywhere just roaming around and so beautiful.

This deer was chewing on Kayla's jacket which she thought was hilarious.

Brooklyn was very timid at first so she mostly followed closesly along with Kayla barely putting her arm out to touch the deer.

Eventually she warmed up and just couldn't help petting them, they were so soft and adorable! 

I loved that they were roaming around all over, even the cute little babies would come right up to us

There were other animals to see as well besides the deer but they were in different areas and caged.  The deer were definitely the main attraction though.

We spent about an hour there and on our way out the girls stopped to see this funny parrot who had the girls cracking up hysterically.  The parrot would bounce around the cage like a rabbit and meow'd like a cat, barked like a dog as well as making numerous other funny noises and funny sayings.  He was a good way to end our experience here at The Deer Farm.

As soon as we walked out of the door Kayla thanked me over and over again for bringing them there.  She was probably the most thankful ever for this experience which made me extremely happy!

After posing for some fun pictures in the front of the place we left and headed off to our hotel to check in and get ready for our next big surprise!

Pulling into the parking lot of the hotel we immediately noticed the hill covered in snow, I don't think that moment could've been more perfect!

to be continued...


Kelli said...

Growing up my grandparents lived n Arizona and I remember the long drive. The deer farm you visited sounds amazing.... So fun! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Terry said...

Such amazing memories the girls will have. looks like a really great trip. I love all the pictures of the Deer.