Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

I was so sad that the past week came to an end!  It's so hard getting back to the routine after having a great week off.   I'm really looking forward to two weeks off for Christmas!  We had a great family road trip over the week to Williams, Arizona which I will share soon, as soon as I go through my 450 plus photos!  But first I'll share some other pictures I have to remind me of the past week.  

On Saturday Kayla and daddy met my parents to go the LA auto show.  Kayla decided last year she wanted to go and of course had a blast so she definitely wanted to go again this year.

Brooklyn and I opted to stay home and relax, my little homebody buddy.  We watched lots of Christmas movies, she played and even did some painting.  I also packed and did laundry to get ready for our trip.

I loved getting these text messages of this girl having a good ole time with her dad and grandparents!

Sunday morning we left bright and early!
We had lots of surprises in store for these two, here they are waiting to board the Polar Express.

We got back from Arizona late Tuesday night so Wednesday was spent doing laundry, unpacking and cleaning.  I did make some time to do some baking and make a delicious home cooked meal for dinner though.

The girls wasted no time in bringing out all of their toys and playing some games.  I loved that they started playing Monopoly Wednesday morning.  Whenever we visited my grandparents during Thanksgiving my brother and I would do puzzles or play boardgames like Monopoly so this brought back some good memories.  It truly made it feel like Thanksgiving.

Before bed we all watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving together 

We spent Thursday at my parents which I shared here.  Friday morning I woke up to find the girls cuddled up in the "man cave" watching tv together.  Aren't they the cutest sisters ever!?  #sweetgirls

Friday is usually spent black Friday shopping but this year we did not go.  Last year both of the girls went and we met my mom and grandmother but it was getting too hard for my grandmother to do all of that walking around so last year she decided would be the last.   I thought about getting up early and just taking the girls but really did not need anything and did not feel like driving an hour to the mall just to walk around.  Kayla really wanted to go but I definitely enjoyed sleeping in and not rushing around.  Plus I got to spend the day putting Christmas decorations up instead.

Saturday morning Elfie showed up to watch over the girls for the month.

The girls enjoyed eating the marshmallows he left sprinkled around.  He is known to leave lots of messes throughout the month of December.

We actually did nothing all day Saturday and all day Sunday which was so nice.  Saturday night we went to my in laws for dinner and stayed out pretty late.  By the time we pulled into the garage this is what the girls looked like, haha.   I guess they were tired!

I can't believe it's December 1st now!!  I'm so excited for everything this month brings, so many fun traditions to come.  

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Billie Jo said...

You all have so much fun!
Happy December!
Let's hope it goes nice and slowly so we can enjoy every moment.