Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fun in the Snow

California finally got some much needed rain last week which brought a whole lot of snow to our local mountains.  On Thursday I kept seeing beautiful pictures of a few of our favorite local mountain spots covered in blankets of snow and I knew immediately we needed to head up there early Saturday morning especially before everyone else got up there!  I found a cute restaurant that had excellent reviews and decided we would head up early for breakfast and then we could enjoy some time in the snow after.

At 7:45 we bundled up and drove up the mountain to Oak Glen which is only about fifteen minutes from our home.  If I can't have it out my window then I'll take fifteen minutes away!!

Our perfect little breakfast spot.
The food was delicious so we will be back again for sure especially when we get another storm!!

After we came out of the restaraunt Kayla and I spotted the icicles which Brooklyn immediately decided to break a few off.  We told her to please leave them and later when she was getting in the car she kept complaining about the icicle hurting her in her pocket.....apparently she thought it was a good idea to put one in her pocket to take with her!! We had to explain to her that it was going to melt and you cannot bring an icicle home!

How amazing is that sky!!????

We found the perfect spot to play a bit and I had too much fun stepping into the fresh untrampled snow!

The girls immediately ran off having their own agendas for the time spent in the snow.

Brooklyn wanted to build a snowman

While Kayla wanted to have a snowball fight

She thought she was too funny throwing snowballs at us.  I'm the only one she kept hitting since I was taking pictures of Brooklyn and not paying attention.

She thought climbing up on that giant snowball was a good idea until daddy came behind her to tickle her

and then she told us she was actually stuck and couldn't get back down.  We left her up there for a bit as payback but eventually helped her back down.

Brooklyn eventually gave up on her snowman and instead made a snowglob.  She was still pretty proud of him.

We stayed and played in the snow for about 40 minutes before poor Kayla's toes were frozen and I had had enough as well.  It was perfect and the girls were very thankful for their morning as we headed back down the mountain to our warm and cozy home.


Sabrina said...

Beautiful pictures! I genuinely love how you guys get excited about snow! We take it for granted here in MN. I guess you could say we have a Love\Hate relationship with snow here! LOL!

Billie Jo said...

Wow!!! How exciting for you all!
And I must say...that is more time in the snow than my kids have had!!!
Lovely photos. : )

Tara said...

Wait?! What?! I live in CONNECTICUT and we have NO snow! You live in CA and there's snow? I'm so confused. I think I need to move!

PS~ I'm so sorry that I haven't been to your blog. I'm gonna catch up this weekend! xo happy Friday!

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