Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ten On Ten

Sunday morning I woke up after what I consider sleeping in a bit and lit a candle and turned on the fireplace.  Love a cozy morning without having to rush out into the busy world!

The girls enjoyed lounging around playing on their tablets most of the morning.  They have strict rules on time limits during the week but I'm trying to let them play as much as they want on the weekends even though I still have to tell them to put them away and play with toys here and there.

Friday we said our goodbyes to my aunt and after the ceremony my cousin told me she had some books that she knew her mom would want me to have.   She said they were The Wizard of Oz books she used to read to them when they were little and little did I know that they were these gorgeous vintage books!  She had three different ones along with two Polyanna books that my aunt had even had when she was younger.  I found the perfect spot right away and I love that they fit in our home perfectly.  I'll treasure them forever!

I had a couple of items I needed to return/exchange so I went out and stopped at a few favorite shops and of course got a little treat from Starbucks along the way.

I also picked up some daffodils from Trader Joe's, flowers always make a room prettier!

The girls enjoying a lazy day, playing with their legos and still in their pajamas.

While out shopping I found two pillows perfect for our living room chairs

The girls both have colds and I've had an itchy throat all day so I made some tea to help out, which it did...

until I decided I wanted some cheese and crackers and poured myself a glass of wine!  I tried to hide out in this spot as long as possible but eventually the girls found me and my quiet time was over.

After my wine and cheese I made dinner and surprised the girls with some good ole fashion Cupcakes for dessert.  I think it's the first time I've ever bought these!  I use to have them when I was younger but I usually stay away from buying this junk but just couldn't resist this time when I saw they were cute Valentines day themed ones.  They were very happy to have them!

Now our Sunday is just about over, I'm so excited that next weekend is a three day weekend.  I can definitely get through the next five days for that!!


Billie Jo said...

Looks like a great day, Shannon!
Love the fireplace and cozy socks. : )
And we love those cupcakes too!
Try putting them in the fridge....yummmmmmm!
Hope the colds heal quickly!

Kelli said...

It looks like you had a good day! Oh what a treasure to be given your aunts old books... They fit right into your home!
what a three day week??

Tara said...

Day of perfection!!! Peppermint is my favorite nighttime tea! And those books... beautiful for sO many reasons!