Friday, January 22, 2016


Where did the month of January go?!  I really love this month and the stillness of it, everything settles down after the busyness of the holidays.  Right now I'm wishing we still had a few more weeks of the month left!   I only have one more week until softball practices begin and the chaos of running all over begins.  Here's some of the fun we've been up to this month,

Kayla was excited to find that Vinnie had chosen her bed as his favorite spot for a few weeks this month.  I found them hanging out one morning before school and often he was found snoozing away on her bed while she was away at school.  

Kayla said she wanted blueberries in her oatmeal one morning and she was happy to see them smiling back at her 

Brooklyn had been asking me if I could drop her off at school so she could walk in with Kayla like the big kids.  I told her okay, but only sometimes because I enjoy walking her up as much as I can because I know those days will be gone soon.
This picture is from a week ago but yesterday I dropped them off and they held hands....I may have teared up a bit.

Brooklyn's doing so well in school, half the time I don't even need to read her the directions for her homework.  She knows exactly what to do and gets it done right away after school.

Kayla reached her one million words read again this year!
These girls are just too much and I don't know how I got so lucky!!!

Another little reader in the house!
I woke up to find Kayla still asleep in her room and Brooklyn quietly reading in the family room.
They must've switched places that morning!

My buddy and I waiting for Kayla to get out of school!

Yay for a date night.
We went out to dinner and then to a concert last Friday night, it was so much fun!

The next morning the girls got to wear the pajamas to the donut shop to pick up our think they were happy?

Later that day we headed out to take a look at some new houses being built nearby.   We were interested in one of the floor plans but after considering moving we decided to stay put instead and maybe do some work on our home we have now.

It was the grand opening of these homes so they had a lot of fun activities for the girls.

I'm pretty sure they had an excellent time!

That night I headed out to meet some friends for dinner but first made a quick stop at Anthropologie to do some shopping.

Can't believe I had two fun nights out on the town!
I've known these three since high school and we always have a great time catching up.

After last weekend out and about without these girls I'm looking forward to a weekend being spent with them!


Kartika dwi sari said...
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Becca said...

I love Kayla and Vinnie just hanging out! Looks like it has been a fun month!

Tara said...

Wait! What? You have a cat? How did I miss that? I love your lately posts!

Kristine said...

Yes! As much as I love Date Nights and GNO I miss my Bean's face soooo much. I can't wait until the girls are all old enough for spa dates! Glen Ivy in ten years, all together, ya think?!?!?

P.S. We have known each other since JUNIOR HIGH!!!! Lol