Monday, February 29, 2016

A Trip to the American Girl Store

I'm a bit behind on posting on here and since tomorrow is already March 1st I figured I better get our fun family trip to the American Girl store up here on the blog!  For Valentine's day the girls received matching outfits for their dolls and themselves to wear when we took them to dinner at the American Girl cafe in Los Angeles.  The girls were so excited to first off be in a big city, Los Angeles and of course to be at the American Girl store.  Kayla, who rarely ever wants her hair done besides running a brush through it made sure that we curled her hair before we left so that it would be curly just like her dolls and she even painted her nails rainbow colors to match the colors in her shirt.

They did their best to be patient on the long drive there and were filled with excitement when they saw the store.  Their faces walking into the store were priceless and of course Kayla was ecstatic to see the bookstore right away!

The store is two stories and they were instantly off exploring the first floor.  Brooklyn knew from the beginning she wanted her doll, Brooke's ears pierced!

Kayla found a few accessories for her doll, Alice right away and then we were off to the second level to check out the rest of the store.

They had so many cute scenes set up with different dolls that we all enjoyed looking at and the girls had fun playing around with. 

The store was nearly empty and the girls got a little crazy chasing each other around with the strollers for little bit before we told them to calm down.

I enjoyed the bitty baby section the most!  The cute babies were too fun to play with, almost made me want a real one.

The girls found a spot where they could design their own doll clothes.  They spent quite some time designing their outfits before we had to go to dinner

We had reservations for 5:30 to eat dinner in The American Girl Cafe.  We had no idea what to expect and lets just say they exceeded our expectations in every way possible!  The cafe was so cute, the service was amazing and there were so many cute extras that the girls got to keep as momentos.   They gave the girls dolls a seat right next to them as well as a tiny plate and cup for their dolls to eat on.

The table even had a box full of table topics for us to ask each other.  This was a lot of fun for us! 

Along with the table topics we received small cinnamon rolls to snack on right away and eventually an appetizer plate for us all to share.  All of the food was really good 

and how cute was the dessert that we each received!

The girls enjoyed the cute little flowers that came in their chocolate mousse flower pots.

After our fabulous dinner the girls got to purchase their goodies.  Kayla ended up buying a cute pair of turquoise glasses, a purple watch for her doll that matches her own and a ball cap.  Brooklyn bought a pet cat she named cocoa for her doll.  Both dolls also got their ears pierced. 

We had such an amazing experience and would definitely come back again for another special occasion.  I would highly recommend the restaurant if you have little girls!!  


Billie Jo said...

OH my!!!!!!
Shannon, I love this!!!!
What an exciting day for all of you.
I've never been...I imagine the closest to me is in New York City...
Maybe someday. : )
And you look stunning as always!

Kelli said...

Such a fun day.! We have one a few hours from our house and I really want to take Juliana before she get too old.

Becca said...

Ahhh!! I want to go! I had an American Girl Doll growing up and DREAMED about this!

curtis03 Lewis said...

I am in love with your family trip. Your girls are full of life and positive vibes. I would love to take my daughter’s too on such a short trip as have to attend one destination wedding at a venue NYC. Thanks for the inspiration!