Saturday, February 20, 2016

Father/Daughter Barn Dance

Last Friday night the girls elementary school hosted their yearly father/daughter dance and this years theme was a barn dance.  The theme was perfect since both girls already had the perfect boots to wear!   Brooklyn picked out her dress from her closet all on her own about a month before the dance and Kayla decided between two options I gave her a few hours before the dance began.   Two quite different personalities right?!

Since both of the girls were going to the dance I made sure to volunteer to help out at the dance so I could enjoy seeing them spending some time with their daddy.  They were both really excited and looked oh so cute in their dresses and boots.

My three most favorite people in the world!

I had to leave a bit earlier to get to the school to help set up but I had to get a quick picture with my girls beforehand.

This beautiful little girl is not so little anymore!

Daddy surprised each of the girls with their very own rose before the dance.  Best daddy ever for going out of his way all on his own to pick up a rose for them!!!

Their faces were priceless!!

Just look at how happy they were to receive their very own rose.

At the dance I was pretty busy so I didn't get to watch as much as I would have liked but I snuck away a few times to get some pictures of my favorite people and watch them dance here and there.

They had so much fun with their daddy that night.  Both of them would take turns dancing with him and running around or dancing with friends.  After the dance daddy took them out for frozen yogurt to end their date.

I came home that night to some very happy little girls and boy was I exhausted but would definitely do it again next year just to enjoy watching them having that much fun together!


Tara said...

Chills... absolute chills... that last one Shannon! Oh my word...

Becca said...

This is way too adorable! Can't wait to see everyone Sunday!