Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

We got a whole lot of Love day festivities done in the past three days!  Friday morning the girls were dressed in their heart tops and ready to hand out their Valentine's to their classmates.

I always try and do a non candy Valentine because it is just ridiculous on how much candy they bring home from their classmates.  I saw these cute sticky hearts and the girls loved the idea so we went with that for Valentine's.  So much cheaper than buying several boxes of candy Valentine's for over 60 kids!!

I headed into help out for Brooklyn's Valentine's celebration in the afternoon.  They got to make their own ice cream sundaes and that cute hat she is wearing was made by the grandma of one of the little girls in her class.  She made them for every single kid in the class!!  How cool is that, Brooklyn loved it and wore it the entire time she was at school on Friday.

After ice cream sundaes it was dance party time for all the kids. 

After school was out it was time to come home and check out all of the Valentines' she received.

We picked up Kayla and she came home and went through all of hers as well.   Unfortunately her teacher (who is not my favorite but that's a different post for a different day!) didn't do too much to make the day fun for them which is a bummer but I think we made up for that at home!!

Friday night the girls had their father/daughter dance which I will post all about soon!!

Saturday morning we did a whole lot of decorating!  I made sugar cookies on Thursday so we could decorate them and I picked up some strawberry waffers to dip in white chocolate and sprinkles too.  We had so much fun and made a huge mess but it was worth it being able to spend some time with these girls!

The rest of the day was spent outside.  Our weather has been in the high 70's and perfect!!  We enjoyed it the entire weekend and loved being able to eat dinner on the patio together on Saturday night.

Crazy Brooklyn ready for bed in her heart pajamas that she couldn't help to add some accessories to.  We all cuddled up on the couch and watched Lady and the Tramp togethere before bedtime.  I hadn't realized Brooklyn had never seen it before.  It was a perfect movie for Valentine's day weekend!

Sunday was Valentine's Day!
The girls found the fun props I set out for the day right away and had fun playing around while waiting for their strawberries and cream donuts I was making for breakfast

Brooklyn kindly made our bed for the day and left a card she had made at school on the pillow for us.

and hubby gave me this wonderful gift that I can't wait to use!  It includes a massage at a local spa along with an entire day of being pampered at home by him including all my meals made, a bubble bath and watching one of my favorite movies together at the end of the day.  Let's not talk about how pretty his handwriting is compared to mine either!! I wish my penmanship was that pretty!

Friday morning my father in law dropped of a fun craft for the girls to do.  I saved it for Sunday and they really enjoyed making their cute heart ornaments.

After lunch the girls found a present waiting for them on the table

Just a little Lego Valentine's day puppy for them to build which they made right away. 

After the adorable puppies were put together we headed outside to play catch, blow bubbles and enjoy a little afternoon snack

I came in and got dinner started and set the table 

Before dinner the girls opened their Valentine's day cards from hubby and I and loved that they played music when opened.  Kayla's sang 'Bad to the Bone' and Brooklyn's sang 'Can't Touch This'

After our shrimp pasta dinner the girls added sprinkles to the cake before each getting a slice.

Once the kitchen was all cleaned up we headed into the living room for their final gift.  The girls each recieved an outfit for themselves and their American Girl doll to wear. 

Then we told them that they were going to wear them later this week when we take them to The American Girl store and cafe for dinner!!!  They were a little excited.

Valentine's day ended on the couch watching 'Be My Valentine Charlie Brown' before heading off to bed.

Not a bad way to spend the weekend and luckily the girls have the entire week off so we will busy doing some more fun activities throughout the week!


Billie Jo said...

You are amazing.
The love you share and the time you spend with your girls is something they will remember forever.
I love the love in your home.
That was our Wedding theme song!!!!!
Have a great week.
Snowy and cold here!

Tara said...

Your heart cake and the love you all shared that day... you do holidays beautifully. The love you have for your family oozes!!!

Kelli said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! Love the cookies and the donuts... Yum. Donuts are such a weakness of mine. I need to get some good donut recipes.
Juliana's class did not really celebrate valentines day sad!!
We have been having beautiful weather here as well but tomorrow the rain and 60s are making a comeback. I love having the windows open.