Monday, March 28, 2016

Egg Decorating

Eggs were decorated and ready for the bunny to come and hide them by Saturday afternoon.  I got all of the things I needed to get done for Easter early on in the morning and then got everything set up for the girls and that was that.
Both of the girls took care of dying the eggs all on their own, we seriously just sat and watched.  They did such a great job, Kayla would help Brooklyn when help was needed which worked out great.

"hmmm, which color?"

Such pretty colors, it kills me when I have to peel them to make deviled eggs.....until I get to eat them and forget all about the pretty shells in the trash!

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Tara said...

I know just what you mean... I never want to peel them! I always think... maybe we should dye eggs all year long! But we never do. Yours are beautiful and your girls having fun and making memories that's the best! Such pretty pictures!