Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break

Unfortunately Spring Break was only one week for the girls and they were back to school on Monday.   Most of the week was spent getting ready for Easter but we did fit in some fun together as a family while they were home for the week.  

My favorite part of having the girls home from school are the lazy mornings of no where to be!

Our Spring Break originally was supposed to be spent camping down at the beach but the weather where we were going was going to be cold and drizzly so we canceled last minute.  We were all a little bummed but it all worked out because we had a fun week anyway.

Sunday we all went to see Zootopia which was adorable!

After the movie the girls took their picture with the Easter bunny and then we went to lunch

The ride home was a perfect time for Brooklyn to take a little nap

Monday we headed down to the San Diego Zoo, which you can read about here

Tuesday we spent most of the day at home before Brooklyn's softball game.  The girls brought out all their stuffed animals and made their own little 'Zootopia' in our family room

Both of the girls played catcher this week in their games

and Kayla led her team in warm ups

Slow mornings watching cartoons while eating breakfast are the best.

They were laughing hysterically at a cartoon on tv.

They spent lots of time playing school together while I cleaned!

Friday night I was sad that the week was over and in a few days I would be missing my girls while they were back in school

Saturday it was time for some yard work and preping for Sunday.   Days before at dinner Brooklyn told us about a lizard she saw which she said was frozen with a crazy face.  We laughed hysterical at her imppressions and figured it was just one of her silly stories but Friday night I found the lizard and showed Kayla.  I told hubby to dispose of it Saturday but not before he carried it around to scare the girls with.

We dyed eggs later in the day and baked our bunny cakes and then spent the rest of the day relaxing.

and annoying the poor dog

Sunday was Easter and then back to school on Monday.  I was honestly sad dropping them off at school Monday morning but after spending Monday cleaning the mess left from Easter and today I spent the day on a third grade field trip, tomorrow I am very excited to enjoy a quiet house all to myself!


Billie Jo said...

Shannon, I am always amazed at how well our girls get along! It is a reflection of the love in your home. : )
Your week was lovely and I'm sure the girls made tons of memories!

Tara said...

Oh my word... the bunny cakes!!! I want to do those next year! Adorable!!! I know that feeling... that 'the week is over' feeling. Yuck! With so much love in your mama's heart it's hard to say goodbye to slow mornings and laughing at cartoons! Looks like it was the perfect spring break! I love how when they came home from the movie they set up their own zootopia in their house. Exactly what my girls would do. And I love the seatbelt pillow :)

Kelli said...

I love the bunny cakes Shannon!! We saw zootopia last week as will...it was cute! Nicolas and Juliana had momdaymoff as well,so,we eased back into school. ,Isabella has this week off. Next Monday will be a real bummer though.