Friday, March 11, 2016

Kayla's Third Grade Project, The Wax Museum

On Thursday, which just so happened to be Harriet Tubman day, Kayla went to school dressed as Harriet Tubman for her third grade class' Wax Museum.  Each third grader was instructed to pick an inspirational person to research, write a report on and dress up as for this day.  Kayla chose Harriet Tubman right away and although she had over two months to get the project done she finished it in about a week because she LOVES to read!!

For their wax museum, the students were instructed to stand as a statue and each wore a sticker that said 'push here' when their button was pushed they would come to life and recite their report to whoever was listening.  They presented during the day at school and were invited back in the evening if they wanted to participate for the parents.  Kayla knew right away she wanted to participate so Thursday night we headed back to the school where she set up her board and stood as a statue waiting for her button to be pressed.

 Brooklyn pressed her button and on came Harriet Tubman.   She had her entire speach memorized and did so well.   The entire auditorium was jam packed with students and parents who came to see.  We enjoyed every minute of this evening and even Brooklyn liked hearing what the princesses and queens had to say.   She can't wait to be in third grade now just to participate in this project.  I am so thankful for such an amazing school that goes above and beyond for their students and makes learning exciting and fun!

A video of our little Harriet Tubman
(she's laughing because we may have pushed her button over and over again)


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Becca said...

She looks amazing and what a good job with her speech!

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