Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patty's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
Even though I dislike the fact that St. Patrick's Day is way too close to Easter this year I did my best to make it as fun as possible while in the back of my head I was trying to plan Easter Sunday and Spring Break for us.  Luckily the girls did not have any softball tonight and it was a minimum day so they got out earlier than normal and we had a ton of time to spend it together at home!

When St. Patrick's Day falls on a weekend the girls know it means green eggs for breakfast but since this year it was during the week they got a fun cereal that I normally would not buy for breakfast.  I even enjoyed a bowl with them!

They each had a note in their bowl with a few words on why we are lucky to have each of them and I also printed out some fun St. Patty's day jokes that they enjoyed reading while eating breakfast.

Lunches were full of green goodies and a shamrock shaped sandwhich!

My lucky charms all ready for school!

While they were at school I ran a million errands trying to get Easter gifts together.

Brooklyn got out at normal time and then it was home for a quick lunch, also a shamrock sandwhich before picking up Kayla at 1:00.

After pick up it was straight to get sandals for their Easter dresses and then back home to a fun gatorade, skittles and a lollipop.  They both decided on just a lollipop because they had a ton of skittles at school they said.   In fact they both had the best days!!!

Brooklyn's class was mess this morning with leprachaun footprints left all over and green slime all over their desks that they got to play with!  They sang and danced, made a green pie to eat and ate rainbow popsicles.

Kayla said there was dirt and gold sequins by the entrance to their class, a mess everywhere and yummy candy all over their tables!

They had so many fun stories from their day, I loved it!!!

The rest of the day the girls played with legos, rode bikes in the front yard, blew bubbles and just enjoyed the day together.

It was such a perfect day.  Looking forward to having them home with me all next week!


Billie Jo said...

Perfect perfect St. Paddy's day!!!!
You are the best mommy!!!!
And I St. Patrick's Day is packed away and the Easter is out!!!
But wasn't it just Christmas?!

Tara said...

Your holidays rock! So much fun!

Deborah said...

It looks like so much fun.

Heather said...

This looks like SO much fun. I'm looking forward to creating more holiday memories with my kiddos as they get older! :)