Wednesday, March 23, 2016

San Diego Zoo

Spring break is already half way over and I feel like I'm still recovering from all the fun we had at the San Diego Zoo on Monday!

We had plans to take the girls to a local fair on Monday but Sunday afternoon I read some horrible reviews so we started searching for something else we could all do together as a family.  We had not been to the zoo so around 9pm Sunday we decided we would be going there first thing in the morning!

Best decision!
We had so much fun!!!

Duck family coming through!
A little after I took this picture there was a baby duckling that was left behind, the mommy duck was searching like crazy for her baby it was the most adorable thing seeing mother nature in action.  All the people moved out of the way and eventually the baby and mommy were reunited, it was so sweet.

I don't remember the last time I went to this zoo and I definitely do not remember all the walking.  The girls did awesome and did not complain at all, they were too busy enjoying all the animals.

Climbing around like the koalas

they were all sleeping when we walked through so Brooklyn was a sleeping koala

Brooklyn's number one thing to do the moment we arrived was the skytram, she talked and asked about it nonstop.  Wherever we were she needed the map so she could see where it was compared to where we were.  We told her that maybe after seeing all of the animals we could ride it back up to the top of the zoo.

She was very happy to finally be on her skytram which took us all the way back up to the top of the zoo so we could walk all the way back down.

Two thumbs up

Mommy and daddy had to stop for a drink on the walk back down!   Loved that the zoo served beer for us parents to enjoy.

If there is a photo booth we are stopping!
We love taking photos to keep of our adventures.

After an entire day spent roaming around and exploring the zoo it was time to leave and grab a late dinner.   Of course we stopped in to the zoo store so the girls could pick one souvenir to take with them.  Kayla chose a peacock, even though we didn't see any and Brooklyn chose a turtle which we saw a ton of.  Except she for some reason said it was a sea turtle and when I told her it was a desert tortoise she almost ended up in tears so we agreed she could pretend it was a sea turtle.

Our day spent at the San Diego Zoo was one of my favorite days of the new year!  It was a blast seeing all of the animals and hanging out all day together!


Tara said...

That zoo is AMAZING!!!! It's been 20 years or so but I really want to go back. I'm so happy that your sweet family had a great day together!

Kelli said...

Great pictures. And as I said on Instagram...I love the San Diego zoo. Have you been to the wild animal park...I think that is the name? We were there several years ago and I really liked it as well.