Friday, April 8, 2016

Oak Glen Nature Preserve

A few weeks ago I got to chaperone Kayla's third grade field trip to the Oak Glen Nature Preserve.  Our weather had been warm up until the day before and when I checked the weather report it showed snow overnight at the location where the field trip would be at.  I thought for sure they would cancel the trip but they did not so we bundled up and hoped for the best!

There definitely was snow and it was COLD!
The warmest it got while we were there was 35 degrees. 

Atleast it was pretty!

Let's just talk about how this one argued with me about needing a jacket!  I'm pretty sure she was happy I made her bring it along in the end!

I think the kids would have definitely had a better experience if it wasn't as cold but they did enjoy seeing all the snow.

I'm looking forward to her next field trip in May when the weather should be a bit warmer!


Billie Jo said...

Mom of the year right there!
And Shannon...the arguing about the coat?
It is just beginning, my friend. : )
But what a cute coat it is!!!
Have a nice weekend.
Snow here!!!

Tara said...

So pretty where you went! And I'm laughing at the 35 degrees... for a sunny warm place that you live the IS cold. Just another day here in CT though. Ha! Good thing you brought the coat!

Kelli said...

I can not imagine how cold you were. Looks like a pretty place...