Monday, April 11, 2016

The Weekend

This past weekend was perfect!  It was cold and raining Friday morning so I quickly got my grocery shopping done and got home to enjoy the weather from the comfort of my home!

It was supposed to rain all weekend and I knew softball would be canceled so while I was at the store I picked up some brand new crayons and new coloring books that I knew the girls would enjoy and to help keep them busy being stuck inside.

I also had a movie night planned for the night and Kayla requested "no popcorn" this time so I picked up a box of brownies while at the store and made those before the girls got home.

Brooklyn fit in some tablet time before we headed off to pick up Kayla from school

and since it was raining it was hot cocoa for an after school snack

We cuddled on the couch and watched Gilmore Girls until I had to make dinner.  That's when they decided to watch the animal cams from the San Diego zoo on the laptop

We watched the movie Flubber before bed and that's how we ended our Friday night.
Saturday morning was cloudy but no rain, games had been canceled already so we had the whole day to be home.

I mentioned how I wanted to use my gift cards to Anthropologie but hated to pay for shipping so hubby suggested we drive out to Palm Desert, go to lunch and I could do some shopping, "Ummm okay!"   Lunch was a delicious BLTA with a fried egg to top it off #Iwantonenow

Then it was a glorious time shopping through my favorite place, Anthropologie and wherever else I wanted to drop in at. 

I purchased this, this (Pomelo & Sea Salt scent) and this pan from Williams Sonoma, on sale for $12.  I just couldn't pass up a pumpkin loaf pan, it will be perfect for my chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

The girls were so good and patient while I shopped around.  They were also enjoying how pretty the area was!

Back home we made pizza for dinner and opened a favorite bottle of wine to enjoy.

The girls took a bubble bath and soon enough it was bedtime for them.  Hubby and I watched the movie Boyhood which was not a favorite of ours.  Definitely would have been fine with never seeing it!

Sunday we enjoyed the entire day at home, stayed in our pajamas and relaxed.  It was Ten on Ten so you can click here to see what our day looked like.

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Zoo cam... why didn't I think of that?