Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wrapping Up The Birthday Celebrations

My gosh this week and last week have been crazy busy!!!  There is so much going on everyday that I felt like Kayla's BIRTHday was a whirlwind but we tried to celebrate her throughout the day as much as possible and to be fair she did get all day Monday at Knott's Berry Farm like she wanted as well as a family celebration Saturday afternoon so there were no complaints from her at all!

We got home late Monday night from Knott's Berry Farm so I didn't have much energy left to decorate for her when she woke up plus the girls had all the balloons hidden somewhere and I was not about to look for them after an entire day of walking so when Kayla woke up, she got herself dressed right away and gathered all the balloons herself and put them all around the kitchen table. 

Poor girl, I asked if she was sad it wasn't decorated and she said no so I didn't feel as bad.  After dropping the girls off at school I ran around to get everything together to take donuts and drinks into Kayla's class to celebrate her birthday with her classmates.

The kids were of course very excited to see me when I came in!! 

Kayla and a few of her friends passed everything out and then we sang Happy Birthday to her.  After they were done eating their donuts they played a quick game and then it was time for recess.

Brooklyn had a game Tuesday night so poor Kayla did not get a home cooked meal of choice as usual for birthdays but was still very happy with frozen orange chicken but not before coming home from the game and seeing all her birthday gifts from Brooklyn and us on display.

She had been mentioning that she had wanted a spinning desk chair for awhile so I knew she would be really excited to get a pretty one for her birthday and I used my peacock bag which can be purchased here to hold a few of the other goodies we got her.

She loved her chair...obviously!!

First present she opened was from Brooklyn.  Brooklyn made her a cute card wishing her sister a Happy Birthday

Another great gift for Kayla.

Buying presents for this girl is incredibly hard  because most of the time she does not give us any ideas and she isn't really into girlie things so I have to really hope I find some things that jump out at me that I think she would like.  Lucky for me I was cruising the aisles at Walmart and saw this Bubble Gum Lab.....Kayla loves bubble gum so I knew she would think this was a fun gift!

Of course I had to fit in some items needed like these tops, she really liked the one above.

Some sunglasses, books, a journal and some fun school supplies were also included in her peacock bag 

She enjoyed all her gifts!
We ate dinner and afterward sang Happy Birthday and had brownies for dessert.  It was a quick day but she still felt special and went to bed a happy 9 year old!


As I said earlier, Monday we spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm for Kayla. She did not want a friend party this year instead she wanted to hit up all the roller coasters at one of her favorite places!!!

These two were sooooo excited!
Brooklyn was really looking forward to trying out some of the roller coasters that she was finally tall enough for. The girls decided their first roller coaster would be Sidewinder.....maybe not the best pick for the first one since not only is it a rollercoaster but it spins the entire time which scared the heck out of poor Brooklyn.

It took her a bit to get her to go on but she was being so brave and was so proud of herself that she was going on this ride.

All smiles going on but many tears coming off!!

There goes Kayla, on her own like a big 9 year old!!

After getting off of Sidewinder, Brooklyn wanted to try another rollercoaster which I know she would have loved but after making her way almost to the front of the line she opted out and came back to hang out with me instead.   Off her and I went to Camp Snoopy to hang out on her type of rides.  Here we are on the swings waiting and lets just say I was not feeling very good and my equalibrium was way off because every single ride was making me feel more sick that morning.   I toughed it out so she could go on some rides and then told Kayla to please ride some with her because I wasn't going to make it going on anymore.


After we ate lunch I was starting to feel a little better so we all went on the log ride together and a few other rides we could all ride together.  Here's Kayla waiting in line to drive me around in the bumper cars.

There was a new 4D ride that we all went on together.  The picture below pretty much describes Brooklyn's feelings about the ride

It was a shooting game where we had to kill the sea life that was coming at us and as soon as we entered their was a voice that did sound creepy and she was done.  Below is what she looked like the entire ride!!

Poor girl.....but the picture is just too funny

More rollercoasters for daddy and Kayla meant Brooklyn and I were off to explore on our own.

Some more rides together..


 and then Kayla was off for a few more rollercoasters before it was time to head home.
Brooklyn was having way too much fun running from ride to ride all on her own.  She went on everything in Camp Snoopy more than once and had so much fun.

Amusement parks are not my favorite thing but it was actually a pretty fun day.  There was hardly anyone there and the weather was nice.   We all had a great time!  After we left we walked across the way to eat at T.G.I.Fridays and then it was home.  Both girls passed out on the drive back and that pretty much proved they had a great time.

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