Friday, May 6, 2016

Open House

Wednesday night the girls had Open House at their school.   I love seeing all the fun projects they have been working on and seeing the pride in their faces when they get to share all their work with us!

Kayla is in third grade now and unfortunately she does not get as much art time as Brooklyn but she still got to show us a fun slideshow she made on her chromebook as well as a few art pieces she made.  I can't wait to get the one below to frame for the house! 

I really love the school the girls go to, the principle is amazing and I have loved the teachers the girls have had but this year has been a lot different for Kayla.  She is still doing amazing and doesn't really have any complaints but as a parent I have not been thrilled with her teacher, much less any of the third grade teachers.  I know she is getting older and their job is to get them ready for middle school but being only 8 and 9 year olds, I believe school should still be fun and the teachers should have better attitudes towards their students and not as stearn and annoyed as it seems they are most of the time.  I'm really hoping fourth grade is a little more fun for her because we all know there are many years of hardwork ahead!!

After leaving Kayla's class, Brooklyn skipped and hopped to her class.  She was very excited to share all her work with us! 
How cute is her art book?!  I loved every page of it!

A lot of the work I had already seen from helping out in the classroom.  We just made these Grouchy Ladybugs a few weeks ago and they are probably one of my favorite things I've done with the kids.

I am going to be beyond sad when this year is over for Brooklyn, not only because she will be a big first grader next year but because I will miss one of my favorite teachers the girls have had so far in school.   Kayla also had the same Kindergarten teacher and she was amazing then just as she is now!  She is beyond patient with the kids and makes learning so fun.  I really wish I had one more kid just so I could enjoy another year of this teacher!

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Tara said...

I love that bulletin board with all of the sunflowers!