Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer So Far

Summer so far has been a bit crazier than I would like but I'm hoping things will slow down soon otherwise I might be happy that school starts in August just to get back to a somewhat normal routine!

The Sunday after our kick off party was great.  The girls played and hung out all day at home, I got some free time to go shopping alone and we just enjoyed the day relaxing.   Monday morning Brooklyn woke up complaining of a sore throat and I figured it would feel better after breakfast but I quickly realized it wasn't going to just go away and she looked miserable all day.

After two days of a fever and watching her look so miserable I took to the doctor who confirmed it was strep throat.  Luckily she was put on antibiotics and felt better immediately.

Thursday morning she was back to her crazy self and after three whole days couped up inside and numerous begging to "please go to the library"  we were off to get some much needed errands ran and stop by the library.

Brooklyn was so excited to find the Henry and Mudge series she loves so much and Kayla quickly found some great reads as well.

Thursday night Kayla had her softball pizza party and was happy to get her trophy and see all her teammates again.

Kayla's new bff, Emily

Coach daddy

Friday morning we were home all day again because I had a ton of laundry and some packing to do because hubby and I were off for a little getaway kid free which I will post about later.

We left on Sunday and came back Wednesday. 
Thursday morning the girls and I headed to the orthodontist and started the process of Kayla getting braces.  Here she is spinning the wheel at the office to win a gift card.  She won an In N Out gift card which she can't wait to use.

She is way too excited to get her braces on!!!
They should be on completely on by the first week of  July.  We will also be spending a lot of time visiting the orthodontist throughout the Summer since she has to go weekly in the beginning stages.

It was lunch time after we left so we headed to Chickfila to grab some lunch

and since we were so close we stopped in at Toys R Us so the girls could use their gift cards

Back home to drop off some items I purchased at Trader Joes and then we were headed back to the library to get more books.   Oh and I just noticed Kayla is wearing the exact outfit she wore the week before at the library.....must remember to pick out something other than that top for awhile.

Thursday was crazy enough and we were gone almost the entire day.  Brooklyn was beginning to break out in a rash that day but I had no time to schedule another doctors visit so I figured we would see how she was doing Friday morning.   Well she woke up covered in a red rash all over so I made an appointment to get her back in to see what was going on and make sure she was not contagious.  Thankfully it was just a reaction to the medication and now we know she is allergic to penicillin.  The rash is fading a bit and she should be good in a few days.   Boy am I hoping I don't have to make anymore doctor visits this Summer!

Last night my father in law came over and we celebrated an early fathers day with him.  We enjoyed a bottle of wine and then all went out to our favorite mexican restaurant for dinner.

The girls Summer is already going by way too fast and this next week is going to be a bit crazy around here as well.  I'm looking forward to hopefully slowing down the first week of July!!

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