Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The main reason we chose to camp at Paradise by the Sea in Oceanside was because it was so close to Legoland.   The girls had been wanting to go for quite some time so the last week of school when they saw that Legoland was on our Summer fun list they were extremely excited and had been talking about it since.  As you can see they were both pretty pumped but Brooklyn was probably the most excited I think she's ever been.  It was pretty much the same excitement the girls get on Christmas Eve in that car Monday morning!

I was so worried that it was going to be miserable with the heat and crowds but it was the complete opposite!  It was never too hot and it never did get too crowded.  We all really enjoyed the day and even contemplated getting season passes but were lucky enough to score some free tickets for atleast two more trips before the year is up so we are good.   I loved all the lego models that were all throughout the park and so did the girls.

Kayla knew exactly which ride she was going on first and Brooklyn was supposedly going to go too but last minute decided to stick to some slower paced rides to start off the day while Kayla went on the rollercoaster with her daddy.

Brooklyn waited for Kayla to get off the rollercoaster and then they both went on this next ride together.

More rollercoasters for Kayla and daddy meant kid rides for Brooklyn

She went on the ride below about a dozen times

Below is a video of Kayla and daddy on one of the rides that Brooklyn and I opted out of.  They are in the back with their hands up of course

I think Brooklyn and I made the right deciscion sitting that ride out for the day

The girls enjoyed the little sinks in the bathrooms made at kid height

How boring my life would be without these three!!!

Brooklyn and I stopped in at a store where she got to build and play with legos.  She loves building with legos and she is so creative.  All the boxes she has come with directions on what to build and she will build that and then take it all apart and come up with her own creations all the time.

After building legos we went off to find daddy and Kayla

They went on a water ride and she was soaked!

My two most favorite girls in the world!

Brooklyn really wanted to go on the boats because you could really steer them

The girls enjoyed the many photo opportunities throughout the park

silly Kayla

Another fun driving ride.  I wanted to do this one too but it was only for 6 to 12 year olds.    Brooklyn was a great driver but Kayla.....not so much!  It was so fun to watch them driving on the wrong side of the road, running stop signs, hitting the curb etc.  #mostlyKayla

The park was the perfect size for us to do in a day and just about all the rides were perfect for both of the girls.  I also enjoyed the fact that we could do a lot of them together as a family!

The food wasn't bad either!  For lunch we had really good cheeseburgers and for dinner we got chinese food which Brooklyn decided she wanted to eat with chopsticks.

of course the girls had to get a picture with the Lego kitty

We got to the park when it opened at 10 and it closed at 8 and by 7:45 we were exhausted from walking all day so the girls took turns having daddy carry them while we made our way back to the entrance to leave.  I wish he could've carried me too!

We told the girls they could take their money to buy a gift if they wanted and when Brooklyn didn't have enough money Kayla stepped up and bought her the pink dragon that she wanted.   Kayla had not even found what she had wanted yet but still bought that dragon for her little sister.   I was so proud of her kind heart!   Later on Kayla and I found the perfect dragon for her that matched her sisters and she bought that one for herself.

We had so much fun at Legoland and we are all excited to go back and check out what we didn't do the first time and of course re-ride all the rides we enjoyed the first time!

You would think that after we got back from Legoland the girls would have called it a day but nope they were back at it again scootering around with their camp buddies in the dark.  They were up again that night until past ten and I was ready for bed way before that!

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Kelli said...

We have been to Lego land a few times with the older two and loved it! it looks like you had a great day!