Tuesday, July 26, 2016

River Trip

Wednesday afternoon after we got home from camping we unpacked the trailer and I got as much laundry done as needed to pack our bags again to head out to the river early Thursday morning.  The girls had never been and were excited, especially since we were going with two of their good friends.

We stayed at our friends parents river house where there was no shortage of toys and fun!!   The kids changed into their suits right away while we got things settled.

How cute are they each wearing their favorite color sunglasses?

After everything was done we packed in the boat and headed off for some fun.  It was hot so there were many stops for us to cool off in the water.  

Brooklyn was a bit timid at first, not quite sure if she trusted the fact that she didn't know what was in the water below but eventually she warmed up to the idea and was in and out of the boat like everyone else.

Emily and Kayla jumping in

The first day we pretty much just hung out at a beach we found along the way and just enjoyed the water.

My all time favorite part of just about any river trip is the ride back when the sun is setting.  It's just too pretty and peaceful not to enjoy.

Friday morning the kids were back in their suits, this time Emily and Kayla wore their matching suits, and ready for the day.

Brooklyn and Adam were in preschool together a few years back and then were reunited when Emily and Kayla were on the same softball team and quickly became close friends.

Friday the raft came out and we could not keep Kayla off of it.  She loved riding on this thing and spent all day doing so.  Brooklyn on the other hand stayed safe with me on the boat.

Daddy rode with the kids for a bit

We could barely get Brooklyn to even sit on the raft for a picture

Kayla did not want to get off the raft and I'm pretty sure she didn't want our river trip to ever end!

Another one of my favorites to do at the river is  enjoying an ice cold beer floating down the river while listening to some good music.

All day in the sun is bound to make a girl sleepy

On our way back to the house they asked who wanted to drive the boat and Brooklyn jumped at the opportunity!

She absolutely LOVED it!

Kayla decided to give it a shot and when we asked what she thought she replied with "ehh"

These two were so fun to watch together, they came up with a secret hand shake, giggled nonstop and chatted for hours.

After showers and dinner back at the house we had a little firework show 

Brooklyn wasn't so sure about doing the sparklers while Kayla on the otherhand ran around singing, dancing and twirling hers all around.

 When Kayla and Emily began playing softball together we quickly became friends with her parents as well and later found out that they live right around the block from us. Yay for new friends!

Saturday we stayed on the beach near the house staying away from the busyness of the river on a Saturday.  We ended up having a huge waterfight with all of the adults playing along as well.

Brooklyn was mommy's protector the whole time, she did not like it if someone threw water on me.  She is definitely a mama's girl!

Crazy kids!

Looking back at all these pictures makes me a litte sad because I want to go back already.  We had sooooo much fun with our friends.   I was worried about being so busy that week with camping then straight to the river and thinking that it was just too much for my home~mama heart to be gone for so long but I'm so glad we made the trip work because it was such an amazing time!

We left to head home Sunday afternoon but not before these cuties got some more friend time in

and the girls got to ride on a quad for the first time!

I don't know how the girls first river trip could have been any better, boat rides, late nights, raft rides, fireworks, friends, riding quads, water fights......I'm so thankful for meeting our new friends that gave us this experience and some amazing memories!!!


Kelli said...

Sounds like you all had a fu. Week..the ocean and the river!!
Love your swim suit Shannon!

Billie Jo said...

I've said it before.
You guys are the most FUN family I know!
What memories you are making for your girls...
And all of you always with those happy smiles. : )
Enjoy summer, my friend!!!!!

Deborah said...

What a magical summer y'all gave the girls. You'll treasure the memories forever.