Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Crafting

Before Summer even began I had picked up two cute crafty items for the girls to do.  We didn't craft as much as I would have liked this Summer but considering we were gone just about every other week or when we were home our kitchen was torn apart we didn't have much time.  

I found the adorable rock turtles in the dollar section at Target and knew they would enjoy painting these little guys which they did of course.

They were going to go in their bedrooms after they were all painted but I loved them too much for them not to be on display for me to see daily so they are in our kitchen for the time being.

They make me smile everytime I look at them!

Our next craft was to decorate these adorable mugs with whatever they wanted.  I purchased the mugs as well as the ceramic markers awhile back from Zulily 

The girls love having hot cocoa after school on rainy days so I thought it would be fun for them to have their own mug that they decorated to use on rainy days.

Everything was going great and Brooklyn got to work right away deciding that her mug would have reindeer all around it.

Kayla wrote her name and then colored her bird green and then it all went down hill with her.  The ups and downs with a 9 year old emotional child! #helpME

She sat and complained, whined and cried because she had no idea what to draw and of course none of my ideas were good enough.

Brooklyn eventually finished hers and I decided the best thing I could do was work out in the other room for my own sanity of course.

Wouldn't you know it after a few HOURS she finished her mug and was in a much better mood!!!

Other than the ups and downs of a certain kid I still think this was a fun project and the girls were very happy with their final product and they were super excited to see their mugs waiting for them filled with orange juice this morning at breakfast! 

Summer for us comes to an end in less than two weeks and I'm sad that we didn't get more time to spend crafting and creating.   I think I'm going to start stocking up on fun crafting activities to have on hand at all times for whenever we have a free day at home.

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