Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wrapping up July

I can't believe we are down to our very last week of Summer already!!  July flew by as did most of the Summer, we were so busy with fun vacations that it felt like we were barely home and when we were home we were catching up on sleep and fitting in some much needed lazy days of Summer.

Brooklyn is my sleeping in child and I love that I get one child to wake up in the morning unlike Kayla who is up way before anyone else in the house!!  

 I have no idea why the kitchen table was the perfect spot for Kayla to enjoy a book but it was.  Being home the last two weeks I finally got some time to cook some delicious Summer meals and bake, the girls were extra happy for a midday snack of peanut butter and jelly bars!

Some after shower reading in mommy and daddy's bed

Weekly visits to the orthodontist are done for a bit now that Kayla has her wires on.  The last visit was on an extremely hot and humid day so the staff was handing out ice cream after, the girls were extra excited to leave with their treats.

A week ago we were off to meet a new family member and Brooklyn got in the car with way too much lip gloss for a six year old, trust me it was much worse than this picture shows.  

My newest niece was born healthy and beautiful,

How is it that my girls were once that little!? 
Proud cousins!

A few Friday's ago I decided I was going to paint the family room, I thought I would only do the trim and wait for hubby to do the rest but once I got started I just wanted it done and besides a few areas, like behind the tv I got a lot accomplished.

I love it, it's like a brand new house!
I definitely see more rooms being painted while the girls are back in school!

Saturday morning we had a party at a friends house and the girls spent the entire time in their backyard playing on this fun waterslide. 

and then on Sunday after hubby and I finished up painting the family room we headed to my in laws for a bbq and swimming. 

This past week we finished up our back to school shopping and made sure to eat out a few times for lunch.  I'm sure going to miss this little girl this year, she was home everyday for lunch last year and this year I'll be all on my own.

I finally tried out a new coffee spot near our house that makes a delicious chai latte.  I will be looking forward to stopping in after school drop off this year!

These two are the bestest of friends!
I can't even imagine how this school year is going to go.  I LOVE having them home with me everyday and to not hear them both giggling, singing and playing together all day is going to hurt my heart greatly.

We didn't get too much crafting done this Summer but the girls did decorate their own mugs and were excited to drink out of them for the first time the other morning.

Library visits are extra fun when you randomly run into your BFF!

We were hungry and needed lunch so I decided Bob's Big Boy would be a fun spot for probably our last out to lunch date before school starts.

head phones and pandora is what's going on in our house daily

Hubby was gone all week for work so yesterday we got caught up on some family time with a trip to the movies to see The Secret Life of Pets.  It was really cute and the girls enjoyed it. 

When we got back home it started to rain so of course a quick run through was much needed

For dinner I made the girls favorite homemade mac 'n cheese and we held our annual family game night starting off with Hello Kitty Bingo while we ate.

We played Connect 4, Trouble and ended the night with a game of fooseball where Kayla and I got our behinds kicked by daddy and Brooklyn

This morning we woke up to pancakes made by daddy.  

Hubby has the next few days off so we will be enjoying some of our last week of Summer together as a family.  Fingers crossed this week goes by very slow!

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Billie Jo said...

I say this a lot...but you girls are the sweetest ever.
I think it is wonderful how close they are!
I can't believe you are starting back to school next week??!
It may be hard to have them both gone, but you will soon get into a routine.
Before you know it, we'll be pulling out our pumpkin spice candles!!!!!