Friday, August 5, 2016

Last Camping Trip of the Summer

Monday we headed out for our very last Summer camping trip at our favorite spot on Coronado Island.  As always we got set up and then it was down to the beach to play in the water!

Unlike the other times we have come the water was extremeley warm and we all went in, it was perfect!


Little boogieboarder


Cheers to a great Summer!

This trip Brooklyn became a boogieboarder just like her big sister!  The girls paddled and rode the waves right alongside each other the entire time.

These two....the best of friends!

After a few hours on the beach we went back to make dinner and then came back out to the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset

The next morning the girls and I got up early and walked the beach to find sand dollars while daddy slept in a bit.

In the past we've seen dolphins out and about in the mornings but not this time.  

 Brooklyn was excited to find a small dead fish on our morning stroll

and Kayla loved the long beaked birds searching in the sand for breakfast

When daddy got up we ate breakfast burrittos on the beach and then then Brooklyn tried to wait patiently at the campsite for everyone to get ready for another day at the beach

Back to boogieboarding

The girls were getting tired and cranky so I tried my best to switch around the attitudes with ice creams on the beach.

It worked for about 5 minutes and then the tears and complaining from both of them was back.  Eventually daddy sidetracked Kayla by taking her down to the water to search for seashells and Brooklyn passed out in my lap

A quick move to the sand and a beach nap saves 
the day.

Later in the evening the girls rode around the campsite on their scooters

or played in the sand 

We couldn't miss our last beach sunset of the Summer so back to the beach we went

Wednesday morning we would be leaving but before heading home we took another stroll along the beach and the girls played in the water for a little while

Although this wasn't our best camping trip, the attitudes and crankiness of both girls was in full swing and there wasn't much we could do to make them happy but it was still nice to have one last trip to the beach together.  It may have made me a bit excited for these girls to go back to school so maybe that's the way it was meant to be.  I'm definitely going to miss our lazy Summer mornings come Monday and I know attitudes and all I will miss having them home all day with me!  Summer 2016 has been so amazing and filled with so much fun, I'm not sure any other Summer will ever be able to compare.  But I'll look forward to trying come next June!


Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures Shannon!
We go back next week as well. The summer went by so fast.

Tara said...

Oh what a perfect way to spend your last week. So glad it was a wonderful summer for you and your sweet family! I wish I was a beach right now watching a sunset!

Billie Jo said...

Yes, Shannon...
The perfect way to end your amazing summer.
I love the way you guys do everything as a family.
Best wishes for a smooth start to a happy, healthy school year. : )