Sunday, August 7, 2016

End of Summer Picnic 2016

It's official, Summer is over for us and just like every other year for the past five we ended with our annual end of Summer picnic Friday afternoon.

I packed up our lunch, crust off for Kayla because when you have braces it's hard to eat most everything.

We ate and I read some of our back to school books

I asked them what they were excited for this year in first and fourth grade and there was lots of goofing around and giggles.

Brooklyn found a tiny cute green apple that we of course had to bring home

They practiced juggling the soccer ball and explored a bit

While I enjoyed some catalogs.....and if Summer must end then Yes I'm ready for Fall!

After their running around they both came over and layed on the blanket to "look at the trees above"  they were even pointing out how pretty the sun was shining through the leaves.   I loved hearing them talk and giggle right next to me like the best of friends.

I can't believe it's here and another Summer is gone, it's all going by too fast!  They are both very excited for tomorrow and can't wait to see all their friends again.  They both got great teachers and I have no doubts that this year is going to be a good one.  I just wish this growing up thing would stop because I sure am going to miss having both of them gone at school all day!

Farewell Summer, you were a good one!

Our past End of Summer Picnics


Billie Jo said...

Such a beautiful tradition, Shannon!
Your photos are stunning...and the girls make me so happy!
Their relationship is a tribute to your mothering. : )
Thinking of you this morning.
Hugs as you start a new year. Enjoy your days. : )

Tara said...

Awww... what a sweet way to end summer. And you captured it beautifully too I might add! Happy back to school to you and your girls. It's such an exciting, exhausting, wonderful, sad and happy transition, isn't it? All good! Enjoy some 'me time' this week!