Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back to School

The girls started back to school on Monday, which was way too early in my mind!  This year Kayla is in fourth grade and Brooklyn started first grade and it is her first year of being at school all day.  Both girls were very excited to go back while I on the other hand had mixed emotions.  We tucked the girls into bed early Sunday night but not before reading The Night Before First Grade and a cute little gift that her teacher sent home to open the night before school.

I woke up at 6am hopped in the shower and when I got out I found both of the girls beds made and their rooms looking beautiful.

They were both already in the kitchen coloring their first day of school papers I had printed out for them

We all ate oatmeal together and then they went off to finish getting ready while I made lunches

I can't believe Brooklyn's already a first grader!

and how is my firstborn already a fourth grader, she only has two more years left in elementary school!

We got to school early and the girls each found their friends and had fun catching up

Eventually it was time for them to go to their classrooms and say goodbye for the day.  I think I hugged and kissed Brooklyn the hardest I ever have!

I kept busy all day to avoid feeling too sad and when I picked them up they both said they had a great day.   I knew they would since they both got amazing teachers this year!  When they came home they found some items on their beds waiting for them.

They both got some fun soccer tanks and a cooling headband along with cookies and a note from me in their "Mommy and Me" books.   

Kayla got her "Mommy and Me" book back on her first day of first grade and Brooklyn had been waiting what she says is forever to get her very own so she was really happy to see it waiting for on her bed when she got home.

This morning we were a bit slower at getting ready and tired from soccer practices the night before but we got out the door on time and everyone was happy.  I'm looking forward to hearing how day two of school went in a few hours!


Billie Jo said...

Shannon, I'm almost in tears reading this!
You are such an amazing mommy.
What special memories you are making!
The girls looked beautiful and so happy. They always do!
Hugs for your heart as you adjust to a new normal.
It will fall into a routine very quickly.
Just think... Hours on the couch with coffee and Lifetime Movies!!!!!!

Tara said...

awwww... even a picture on the second day of school. I love the mommy and me books!