Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ten On Ten

So my Ten on Ten pictures aren't starting until we were actually at the school and I walked the girls in.  I almost forgot all about the day until this moment and even embarrased Kayla by making her take a picture with her sister in front of all her friends.  I know she secretly loved it though because she knows I'm the coolest mom.  
See that giant binder Kayla is carrying...she has to take that home and back to school everyday and it's huge, it will not even fit in her backpack.  Fingers crossed she doesn't loose the thing because even though she puts it by her backpack before putting her shoes on in the morning she leaves it on the bench each morning and I have to remind her that she is forgetting something.  So let's all pray she doesn't put it down and forget it at school this year!!!

Okay right after drop off I headed back home to enjoy my chai latte before back to school for a volunteer meeting and straight after that I went to help out in Brooklyn's class for the morning.

First off my favorite part of the day was walking around the school and little voices saying "Hi Mrs.  C......"  All the cute little Kindergarteners that I helped last year came up to me and chatted or just said hi.  It made my day!

Today in Brooklyn's class I helped with P.E. and then in the classroom I got to test them to see what level they were reading at.  Brooklyn was very happy to have me help out, she told me she was going to tell all her classmates I would be coming in to help.

I left to go home around noon and got to work on laundry and getting the girls practice gear ready for soccer tonight.  Eventually I relaxed on the couch and watched an episode of Gilmore Girls.

Since I never shared my very minimal back to school decor on my back to school post I had to add it here.  Today I put all the books back but the sign on the fireplace will stay until Sunday and the Happy Everything plate will also stay until I feel like switching it to a Fall one.

Waiting to pick up my girls always calls for some sort of reading material and either water or a starbucks to enjoy my last minutes of quiet

No homework for Brooklyn yet and Kayla just has some reading to do, she picked up the first Harry Potter book and I can't wait to see what she thinks!!

Thank goodness there isn't too much homework since we are trying to get soccer practice nights together.  The girls both practice on the same days and earlier this week we got home around 7:30 from both practices and while I got dinner finished up they showered quickly, we ended up eating at 8 o'clock which is way too late so tonight the girls and I ate early before practice to see if that would work we'll see if this idea works for the upcoming weeks but atleast the girls were in bed by 8 instead of past 9 like earlier in the week!

Off to practice we go and yay for only two more school days left of the week.  We've almost made it through a whole week, I wonder how many more weeks til Summer?


Tara said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me! I miss when Abigail was in kindergarten and I was always in that school volunteering. Sweet days! Ya know what is the hardest for me. I don't think it's back to school as much as back to all of that stuff they do after school/evenings. It's the figuring out when dinner is best that stresses me. Like 4:45 before dance and viola or 7:15? Ugh! Looks like your making your way back into a routine easy as pie! Just a few more days... then ahhhhh!

Billie Jo said...

Yes, you are settling in nicely...
I remember the meal decision when rhett did soccer.
We ended up eating before.
Hope that works out for you.
And I don't think I've ever seen a binder that big!!!!
Have a cozy evening, Shannon. : )

Kelli said...

Yes it is so hard to figure out dinner times with everyone's sports/activity schedules. I find we eat at different times and that is why I make a big deal out of our Sunday night dinner.
Love your back to school banner..
We have had homework every nigh here so far...:(