Monday, August 11, 2014

End Of Summer Picnic

Kayla starts second grade on Wednesday and Brooklyn will start Pre-K next Tuesday so it was time again for our End of Summer Picnic.  For the past four years the girls and I pack up a lunch and head up the hill to our local mountains to our favorite spot.  It's sort of our way of saying goodbye to Summer, which came way too fast this year!!!

Friday morning we loaded in the car with our favorite back to school books, lots of food and a few card games which we never even played because the girls were having enough fun on their own playing hide and go seek and climbing trees.  I read only a couple of books while we ate our lunch and after that they were happy just running around and playing.  I'm really going to miss watching them together everyday they truly our best buddies.  In fact that night they decided they wanted to have a sleep over together in one of their rooms so we set up a little sleeping area on the floor of Brooklyn's room and they fell asleep on the ground together.  Brooklyn is going to be one sad little girl come Wednesday morning when she realizes Kayla will not be home everyday to play with her anymore!  

I'm sad to say goodbye to Summer and not looking forward to helping with homework, waking up early or dealing with tired cranky kids.  We did so many fun things this Summer it's going to be hard getting back on a school schedule so soon.  Summer of 2014 was good to us!

  Our past End of Summer picnics can be seen by clicking below,


Kelli said...

How fun Shannon! I love all the cute pictures you took of your cute girls.
I think I was in your neck of the woods this past weekend.
Good luck Wednesday!

{cindy} said...

love all that sister love!
summer is wrapping up here too.:(
i think a picnic next week sounds perfect!:)
and sister sleepovers happen a lot here. can't wait till aubrey can join in!
have a happy day shannon