Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Legoland for Brooklyn's Birthday

Instead of a birthday party with friends this year Brooklyn wanted to go to Legoland.   We had visited Legoland in July and she enjoyed it so much she asked if we could go again for her birthday which worked out pefectly because our tickets included two visits!

Instead of dealing with crowds, which I don't think it is ever that crowded we decided to take the girls out of school on Friday and spend the day without having to worry about any lines.  The park was open from 10 to 5 which gave us plenty of time to drive there and enjoy the entire park and then go out to dinner afterward.

Sweet girls knew they had to pose with the lego pumpkin for their mom!

We were trying to get the girls to pose with their heads sticking out of the lion like they were eaten so daddy showed them how it was done.  When they walked around to do it themselves they both got scared because the lion made a roar......my girls spook way too easily!

Brookly picked the first ride of the day and insisted we all ride together!

After that Kayla and daddy took off to the rollercoaster and Brooklyn chose the carousel.  (I knew she would love those glasses)

After a few more rides Kayla and I went to watch a short Lego movie in 4D while Brooklyn and daddy found a spot to make their own Lego cars and race them.  We met up with them afterward and then Kayla made one to race too.

She didn't want to share hers because she said it was too pathetic

Thursday after school Brooklyn came out and told me she had a loose tooth and as soon as we set down to eat lunch at Legoland she complained how much it was bothering her.  We told her we would happily pull it out and she said no thank you but after two bites of her cheeseburger she screamed "my tooth fell out!"  Luckily Kayla found it on the ground and then I stored it in my purse so the tooth fairy could visit later that night.

On our last visit daddy rode in the boat with Kayla and I rode in the boat with Brooklyn.  This time they decided they would ride together which worked out because I did not want to ride with Brooklyn again after her blaming me on her bad driving last trip.

Another spot where the girls got to put together their own lego people.

My favorite part of the day is shown in the picture below.  They walked with their arms around each other for awhile.  I love how special their bond is, they are the best of friends and have so much fun when they are together!

It was another great day at Legoland but they closed at five so for dinner we drove to a fun brewary that also has a good restaurant.  The grounds are very pretty and there are grass areas for kids to play and run around on.  I made sure we got a table where we could enjoy a cold drink and still watch the girls wander around a bit while we waited for our food.

I got the Kale Caesar Salad and we shared the Pretzels with jalapeno cheese, it was sooo good!

After we ate we walked around a bit and found the turtles and fish

Eventually it began to get dark and we had to make our way back home.  The girls slept on the drive home which was good because Saturday morning involved soccer games and then preparing for the family to come over for Brooklyn's last birthday celebration.


Kelli said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate a birthday!!

Tara said...

Leggo land looks like so much fun. And oh that food you ordered... yum! It looks like you live in such a beautiful area! So glad you all found the tooth!