Friday, September 30, 2016

Life Lately

I don't know where in the world the month of September went but here it is just about over so I better get my pictures up with what we've been up to.  I've been slowly pulling out the Halloween decor and was excited to find a fun cereal for the girls to eat.  There were skeleton marshmallow pieces that Brooklyn was very proud to put together to show us all one morning

Brooklyn is still getting used to the all day schedule, she is usually exhausted by Fridays after a full week of school and soccer.

That same day she brought home some work from school and I couldn't stop laughing at her drawing of a sad fish.

It was cool for about a week and I got excited and purchased Fall plants but now the temperatures are warm again so I'm hoping they don't all die

Last weekend I headed back to the fair for another concert but this time with my mom.  We had a great time and loved seeing Billy Currington

We have lots of September birthdays but wrapped them all up by celebrating my dads at our favorite pizza joint.  Brooklyn helped keep her cousin entertained while reading a book to him.

The sky has been incredibly beautiful lately which made soccer practices not so bad to sit through this last week

Picture day happened this week and the girls looked so pretty all done up and ready

Hubby took yesterday off so I could test drive some full size trucks.  We want to purchase a larger trailer eventually which means my old car would have to go and something bigger would be needed to pull.  Before we got started we went out to breakfast at a local spot.   Sitting in a diner, old coffee mugs,  Travis Tritt playing and a train rolling by might just be a slice of heaven to me! 

Okay now I had this car for 11 years and LOVED it but it was time for something new.  I was very nervous about having to drive a full size truck but after driving a few I knew we would be sticking with a Toyota so we decided to try and work out a deal to get one that we wanted that they had in stock yesterday.

After two hours going back and forth we finally got the price we were looking for and I got a new truck.   I'm still going to need lots of practice parking this in tight spots but overall I love it.  It's really fun to drive and I don't miss my old car at all!  Oh and you know it was meant to be when the first song I heard when I drove to pick the girls up later that day was "Somethin' bout a Truck"!

I'm pretty sure the girls love the new truck too, they have so much room in the back now and Brooklyn could not stop talking about how excited she was to drive to school in mommy's new car.

Friday's are my day to help out in Brooklyn's class which normally is great but I've been sick with a terrible cold the last few days so I wasn't as excited as normal and then when the kids bring me piles of disheveled papers I don't enjoy it as much

But then I read this amazing paper written by my first grader and it made me so happy!  P.S. she even drew the little bubbles next to the fish.   

Today was also poem recital day and Brooklyn nailed it.  This picture was right before she started, can you see how nervous she was at first.  She had to go first just so I could see her before I left.  She did great too so she had no reason to be nervous!

I went home soon after but came back later on to see this girl get her student of the month award!!

"She is joyful, caring, dedicated, can always be counted on and a role model to her peers"

So proud of her!!
Well that wraps up the last few weeks around here.  Now onto October!

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Tara said...

Congratulations all around, your girls, the truck, all of it! Happy weekend Shannon!