Monday, September 12, 2016

The Day Brooklyn Turned Seven

Brooklyn had three whole days of celebrating her birthday!  It started Thursday when she woke up to balloons and birthday banners throughout the family room.

Here she is all ready for school

I picked up donuts for a little celebration with her classmates and they all sang Happy Birthday to her 

She wore her Birthday crown all day!

Presents wrapped and waiting for the birthday girl.

I forgot to take a picture of her dinner but she didn't have any problem cleaning her plate on this night.  She requested homemade mac n cheese and her favorite kale salad

Luckily dessert was something I already had made since I spent the morning baking desserts and prepping for Saturday's celebration.   She asked for a cookie ice cream sandwhich.

After dessert it was time for presents!

Last year she asked for a scavenger hunt to find all her presents and then open them one at a time and she wanted that again this year so we hid all her presents throughout the house and gave her clues so she could go and find them.

She loves clothes!

Brooklyn wore a pair of sunglasses with the lenses popped out of and on throughout the Summer so when I saw these fake glasses at Claires I knew she would love them!

She had a great day celebrating and loved all her presents.  She played with all of them for a bit before heading to bed because the next day we were ditching school to go to Legoland for another day of birthday fun!

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Tara said...

Shannon!!! She is darling and I can tell from the photos that your baby girl is a bunch of fun with a whole lotta personality mixed in there! I loved seeing these and her happiness on her birthday!