Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Morning Stroll on the Beach

On our first morning waking up while camping Brooklyn immediately asked if we could go walk on the beach like we did the last time we camped and search for seashells and dolphins.  Kayla wanted to stay back at the campsite so it was just Brooklyn and I on our morning beach stroll.

We didn't see any dolphins but we did find a lot of pretty shells to bring home.

The sand was so cold on my feet that I swear they felt almost numb by the time we were done but it was well worth it for the shells, views and time with my youngest.

Little feet which aren't so little anymore.

The seashell below is one I found on the beach that morning and is probably my favorite shell I've ever found.  The colors are so pretty and I've never found one quite like it before.  I placed it on my bedside table as soon as we got home and now it will always remind me of that morning stroll on the beach with my youngest.


Tara said...

Hi Shannon! Those are some amazing pictures! Love seeing beach shots, they always make me happy!

HWIT BLOGG said...

Lovely pictures from a beautiful morning on the beach...
Have a great day!