Monday, October 31, 2016

Family Halloween Party


For the past nine years we have always celebrated Halloween night by having the grandparents and our siblings over to enjoy dinner and go trick or treating together but now that all the siblings have kids and Halloween falls on a weekday now and then we decided having our family Halloween party on a weekend would work out much better for everyones schedule.   It seems a bit weird that tonight we will trick or treat as just a family of four and not have our group of funny dressed up family members walking through the streets alongside us but it will be nice just being us and now that the girls are older they will enjoy meeting up with friends soon anyway.   As far as having the party on the weekend it worked out wonderful and we all had such a great time.   My favorite part was that all the cousins were there and I am so bummed I didn't get a picture of all five of them together.   Although it may have been difficult getting two little babies in on that picture anyway and hopefully we will have many more Halloween parties with them all together!

This year Brooklyn decided to be a devil and Kayla an archer.   Hubby and I played along with their ideas and I was an angel to go along with Brooklyn and hubby was an archer along with Kayla.  Brooklyn didn't waste anytime getting into the devilish spirit and making sure I knew how much she did not like me since I was an angel.

Kayla and daddy showing their fighting faces.

The party was set up and we were ready for our family to arrive.  There is always so much anticipation to see everyones costumes year after year.  The girls wait by the front windows and we always hear them cracking up when family arrives

How cute is baby Yoda??

These next couple of pictures bring tears to my eyes.  I LOVE these pictures with the grandparents and all of their grandkids!!!

These two are the bestest of buddies, they play so well together every single time we get together and by the end of the night Kayla, Brooklyn and Jonas ran around the yard and house chasing each other non stop.  It was perfect!

Coloring Halloween scenes with aunt Jenn

I had a few games set up around the yard for the kids to play, the bean bag toss was fun and only $5 at Target!

Checking out prizes in the poppers

 When Kayla got to switch out her bands on her braces a few weeks ago she made sure to choose the color that would match her costume perfectly.

The fire pit sitting area all set up and waiting for the night.

Everyone enjoyed coffee and desserts after dinner and then we sat around the fire and chatted.

The cousins ran around for hours playing hide and seek and chasing each other.  Brooklyn performed her Sundance Singers dances and songs that she had learned and then eventually the family headed back home.

We all had a great time and it was so nice not having to worry about getting up early for school the next day like in the past.  Tonight we will enjoy some soups with just the four of us, hand out candy to the trick or treaters and then head out for some trick or treating of our own!


Tara said...

Those costumes are amazing! Seriously!

Becca said...

It was so fun and the girls are so cute! Brooklyn's sassy look in the pic with you is priceless!!

Kelli said...

Love your costumes! I always enjoy seeing pictures of your Halloween party.

Billie Jo said...

Oh the fun!!!!
I love how much fun you have as a family!
The costumes were amazing and the food looks divine!
Can you believe it though?
We are heading toward....Christmas!!!!