Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween being on a Monday night is not ideal but we made the most of it.  The girls obviously had school so I got errands ran and got the candy bowl filled by the front door and waited for my monsters to come home.

Kayla being a big 4th grader now didn't get any fun Halloween celebration at school but she still looked cute in her skeleton shirt.

Brooklyn also didn't get a party but they had lots of fun activities for the kids to do that were Halloween themed.

She got to make a mask

She made a skeleton that she labeled all the names of the bones as well as watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and I loved her drawing she did of her costume below.

When the girls got home they did some homework and then we watched Halloween movies until it was time for dinner which was just left over soups from Saturday nights Halloween party.

After dinner they switched into their costumes and waited patiently for the trick or treaters to hand out candy to.  I would have been completely fine staying home and handing out candy but of course they wanted to venture out to go trick or treating.

They must had forgotten that they had already gone trick or treating on Friday night when our community hosted a trunk or treat at the park right up the street from our house.  Here they are super excited Friday night to head out

and then in the front yard ready to walk to the park.  Our communities trunk or treat was a success and I think it was a great way to get the kids excited for the rest of the weekend full of Halloween fun.

Now back to Monday night when we were off to get more candy!  When we walked down the street we ran into our friends so we ended up trick or treating with them.  The kids were very excited to have their buddies with them all night!

Kayla wanted me to take the picture below because she wanted proof that she went up to the spooky house up the street.  Every year this house is scary and Brooklyn goes right up and gets her candy while Kayla hangs back too scared to go.   This year she finally went up and got her candy along with Brooklyn.....but the house was not as scary as in the past.  Usually all the lights are off and it is very dark and there are people dressed up in scary costumes waiting for you but this year the lights were on and there weren't any scary costume wearing people waiting.  She was still very proud of herself and wanted this picture taken.  Another reason I thinks she was brave this year is because her friend was literally too scared to go to any of the houses and I think it made her realize how silly she was being missing out on all the fun of the night.

These kids trick or treated for an hour and a half and came back with a ton of candy!  It was cold this Halloween which I can't even remember it ever being cold on Halloween.   We realized how late it was and the girls were getting cold so we quickly made our way back home to shower up and get into bed but not before a quick peek at all the candy they brought home. 

We had an entire weekend full of Halloween fun and it was a blast!


Billie Jo said...

I'll say it again.
You are an amazing mom.
I love the way you celebrated Halloween with your sweet girls!
And I LOVE their matching jammies!!!
But I have to say... Homework on Halloween??? Booooooo!
On to Christmas we go!!!!

Tara said...

Looks like the girls are so so happy! So glad you all had fun!