Monday, November 7, 2016

October Wrap Up

We are already one week into November so I think it's time I get caught up with what happened in October for us.  

We spent an evening bowling with friends on one Friday this month and boy did these four crazies have fun!

Best bowling buddies! 
I think this night needs to happen again soon 

We took the girls to see the play Stuart Little which they enjoyed but it wasn't mommy and daddys favorite

Afterwards we went out to dinner and celebrated a fun day with ice cream sundaes

We got in the pumpkin spirit and bought all the yummy pumpkin candles we could find!

If and when we were home on a Sunday we enjoyed delicious home cooked meals 

Kayla missed a day of school due to not feeling well but I'm pretty sure she was just exhausted.  A long nap that day and she was back at school the next day.

A trip to Target on a different day to find boots was unsuccesful but Kayla did score some cute running shoes.  I had to take a picture because my little nine year old looked much too old in her new shoes. 

I try to grab some sort of reading material for my daily pick up wait and on special days I reward myself with a deliciuos chai latte to move the 30 minute wait along smoothly

When your seven year old wants to massage your feet you do not argue!

We had a few cooler days in October to drive around with the air off and windows down.  Brooklyn loved the wind in her face.

My favorite morning of October was walking to find both girls in their beds on a school morning one reading and the other writing a story.  

In the middle of the month Kayla started on her Christmas list which consists mostly of Legos and books.

We actually had some rainy days and Brooklyn was so excited to wear some old boots we had been given by friends.  When she came home from school that day I realized they were real UGG boots!  Lucky girl.

Two cuties off to school

I got some painting done in the front of the house but still have the back hallway to work on.

I'm making that my goal for the month of November!

The girls so excited to get their flu shots after school one day.   They were super nervous but realized it was no big deal afterwards.

October was a good one but flew by and November seems to be following along the same.  Kayla is still in soccer playoffs and doing amazing!  I'll be back soon with life in November.

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Tara said...

End of October, already! So glad it was a good month for you all! You have such a sweet family! Blessings to you in November!!