Monday, October 10, 2016

Ten On Ten

The girls had a four day weekend this weekend so we took full advantage of it and spent it camping at the beach.  We came home Sunday afternoon so we would have Monday to get ready for the week ahead.  We started off our Monday morning watching a movie together.

Then we got dressed and headed out to take our dog to get groomed and bathed at Petco.  The girls were all happy to cruise around the store and check out all the animals.

Next stop was Target.  They had fun checking out all the fun Fall and Winter gear.

Then it was lunchtime and they chose Jack in the Box, not exactly my favorite but they were happy so I rolled with it.

We picked up the dog afterward and headed back home where the girls played for awhile

When I wasn't doing laundry I sat here and enjoyed the pretty view outside.  The sky was so blue today!

This morning while we were shopping the aisles of Target the dentist called and asked if I could bring the girls in later in the day for their cleanings since they had an open spot.  I figured why not since we didn't have plans and one less thing to get done later on.

It's hot here again which means I'm watering daily.  My mums are hanging on barely and luckily it looks as though it'll be cooling down this week so fingers crossed!

Kayla had soccer practice and daddy got home in time to take her which meant some one on one time with Brooklyn.  We grabbed some books she got for her birthday and cuddled on the couch to read them.

After showers we lit a Fall candle and got dinner started and ready for when Kayla and daddy come home so we can eat together.


Billie Jo said...

Shannon, simply perfect.

Tara said...

Oops, thanks for the reminder, I forgot to water my mums! I love your 'life lately'. I love your love of home and family, and fun in between!