Thursday, November 10, 2016

Life Lately

Today is usually ten on ten but it was a crazy morning spent at an early parent teacher conferance for Brooklyn and then helping in the class until 10 and I still have lots of other places to be and things to do as soon as I pick the girls up so instead I'm going to use this time to catch up on what we've been up to.

The above picture is the girls the morning of November 1st.  Nobody wanted to move or get out of bed, even Kayla was so mad she had to get ready for school we all just wanted to climb right back into our beds!  By Thursday Brooklyn had a stomach bug that caused her to throw up a couple of times and had a fever for a few hours but was completely fine the rest of the day.  I made her keep that bowl close while we waited to pick up Kayla from school just in case.

Good thing she was feeling fine by Friday because it was nerd day and they were excited to dress up.

Friday night was also date night for hubby and I! 
Yay, it had been too long.  It was so nice to enjoy a meal just the two of us!

Last weekend and this weekend Kayla has soccer playoffs.  Her team won all three games and even beat the first place undefeated team this past weekend.  They play again on Saturday for the championship game and I think I'm more excited than she is!!!

The girls all had their hair painted with purple and gold sparkles for the games.

Mommy's soccer idol right here!
She did amazing the last two games playing goalie for a quarter each game.  She is naturally good at just about anything she tries but watching her play soccer when she really loves it, is the best.

Sunday night we all met at a favorite pizza spot to celebrate my brothers birthday which always means ice cream at 31 flavors afterward.  Three happy cousins enjoying their treat.

and I couldn't resist getting another picture but this time with all the kiddos.
My favorite little monsters!!

The girls have tomorrow off from school and so does hubby so we are all looking forward to a fun family weekend together!

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