Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Veteren's Day Weekend

Since the girls had Friday off and that's the morning I usually help out in Brooklyn's class I instead went in on Thursday.  Here we are ready for the day and very excited for our three day weekend!!

We went in extra early so I could have Brooklyn's end of trimester conference with her teacher.  She's doing amazing and reading just two months shy of a fourth grader!!!!  Pretty darn good for a little first grader.   Below are pictures of her reciting her Thanksgiving poem for the class.

Hubby was off of work on Friday too so that morning we took the girls to see the Trolls movie.

It was super cute and we loved the music!

After the movie we visited Toys R Us so Brooklyn could use a gift card she had been dying to use.  She was happy to bring home another barbie toy which she played with the rest of the day.

Later that afternoon I baked cookies for us to enjoy as well as some to take to our friends house for Saturday night.

After baking I poured myself a glass of wine and settled in to watch Hallmark Christmas movies for the evening.

Hubby made pizza and we ate and watched more Hallmark movies. 

Saturday morning Kayla had her championship soccer game and although her team lost the first game they won the second game finished out the tournament in first place!!!

Kayla got her first, first place medal and was very proud!!!

Back home after the games we relaxed, the girls played a little and watched tv

Kayla set up some animals to play school, here they are watching some educational videos on her chromebook

We eventually got ready to head over to a friends house to watch the UFC fight while the kids played with their friend.  Kayla insisted on wearing her medal so everyone could see.

Sunday was a day spent at home.  I baked two dozen cupcakes for hubby to take to work and then made a yummy dinner for us to end the weekend with.

We only have two more days of this week and then we are off for a week to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I'm looking forward to us all being home together for the entire week!!


Kelli said...

Brooklyn looks so cute standing up in front of her class. Yay for Kaylas soccer team..very exciting!

Tara said...

I am sooooooo a Hallmark movie girl! I get lost in those. If you want to find me this time of year, I'm parked in front of a Hallmark Christmas movie!