Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Performances

Last week Brooklyn had two school performances, one with the Sundance Singers, which is a school chorus group, and the other with her first grade class.

The Sundance Singers performed Saturday morning at their schools Breakfast with Santa.  They all wore their pajamas and sang a couple of songs they had been practicing for the event.

Kayla, being the big 4th grader now that she is volunteers with the Early Act team for her school.  They are an after school club that helps put on school activities as well as volunteer work throughout our city.   She spent her morning helping at the craft stations during the Breakfast with Santa.

Helping out her sister to make a frame.

Tuesday night Brooklyn got all dressed up for her first grade Christmas performance.  She was beyond excited because she auditioned for a special part in the performance and she got it!!!

So along with singing the five songs they all had practiced she also got to open and close out the show.

Here she is getting things started,

and her closing out the show
(and don't even get me started on how irritated I am about the teacher putting the music stand right infront of my view!!!)

I was so proud of her, she memorized her lines and spoke so clearly.  She LOVES being in the spotlight and lives for this sort of stuff which makes it so much more exciting watching her do something she truly enjoys.   These Christmas performances are one of my favorite parts of the holidays, they always make it feel a bit more like Christmas!   Kayla has her performance coming up this week and then we will be off for Winter break!

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