Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Weekend Recap

Over the weekend we took the girls to see Santa and also got to spend lots of time with the girls cousins.  Saturday morning we put out a little gift for the girls to open.

Every year the girls get a new ornament for their Christmas trees in their rooms and wrapping them up for them to open makes it all the more fun!

With all the time spent at the beach this Summer it was only appropriate that they got some sea animals.   Brooklyn got a pretty dolphin for her tree

and Kayla a pretty green turtle.

After lunch we drove a bit to make our annual tradition of pictures with Santa.  For the last three years we have met with my brother and his family to visit with Santa and then we go out to eat afterward.  It's alwasy a lot of fun and nice to see the cousins together.   While we were waiting in line to see Santa my nephew asked Brooklyn to hold hands with him.  They are the sweetest cousins and I love watching them together.

After visits with Santa we got a picture of all the kids together and it's a new favorite!!  I mean how much cuter could this get, everyone cooperated which is so rare.

and of course a family picture!
Looks like I have my 2016 tree ornament picture.

After all the pictures we split up for about an hour and finished up a little Christmas shopping and then all met back for dinner together.

Brooklyn and Jonas always together!

Sunday morning we had another cousin to visit with.  My brother in law came out for the morning so him and hubby could work on his truck.   We were happy he came out but even more excited that he brought our other new niece, Tessa.

She is getting so big and I enjoyed every minute of snuggling with her.  I even got to feed her, change a few diapers and walk around endlessly so she would be happy.  It was the perfect Sunday morning and boy do I miss having a little baby around the house!   As usual we left another weekend behind wishing it was a little longer.  

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Tara said...

Their faces when they opened those white boxes tied so pretty with ribbon!!!