Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Refresh

January is like a deep breath after the whirlwind of the holidays.  After all of the Christmas decorations come down I pretty much just leave the house as is.  There isn't much decorating and re-decorating this month instead I just enjoy the simple and basically just let the house be. 

Soon I will add Valentines decorations here and there and although there isn't much to add for that holiday I need a break before I add the pinks and reds everywhere.

I purchased the red pillows below for Christmas but I'm loving the texture and pop of color and since they will go with the Valentine's day decor they stay.  

After I painted the entryway and got rid of the gallery wall I added this vintage window pane to the spot as a quick and free alternative until I found something else but I don't think it will be changed because I am really loving the way it looks just as is.  I just need something cute to hang from those hooks and the spot will be perfect.

Below is the hallway that leads to the back bedrooms it's usually a bit hard to photograph but every now and then there is enough light to 

We had sunshine for about four days this week and now we are back to another five days or so of rain.  I have mixed emotions if I'm enjoying all the rain lately.  I love the fact that it helps me to slow down and just enjoy being home but when I have things to do like grocery shop and pick up the girls I don't enjoy it so much.

I will enjoy having an entire weekend full of rain with no where to be if the weather continues though.  With only one week of January to go I intend to enjoy what is left of the stillness! 


Tara said...

Looks so pretty and I know what you mean... it feels like a house takes a deep breath when everything is away... it's a lot for a house to do I feel... holding up all of that christmas magic! ;)

Billie Jo said...

Oh, yes!
I just drafted a post about the same thing!
Your home is so lovely.
You have a gift for making a house a beautiful, comfy home. : )

Court said...

Everything looks so nice. You have a real talent for decorating. I'm so clueless about it. Ha...

Heather Deaver said...

Hi! I am loving the color of your walls. Do you mind sharing the name of the color? I have got to start painting this house of ours!