Wednesday, February 1, 2017


January actally felt like Winter here.  We received more rain this month than we have in years and I enjoyed it so much except for when I had to pick the girls up from school in it!   
Kayla had been asked in December to apply for the AVID program at her school and this month she found out that she was accepted.  Her teacher said that it was a very big deal and Kayla was extremely excited so I made sure we celebrated her accomplishment.   I baked some brownies, decorated with a few items I had on hand and then wrote her a card letting her know how proud we were of her.

She was happy to come home to a  little celebration all set up for her.  Unfortunately due to the rain hubby was stuck at work for the night and for most of the weekend so we had to celebrate without him.  We picked up our favorite chinese food and watched movies all snuggled up at home for the night.

My last birthday celebration for the month was at a nearby pizza restaurant with my parents, my brother and his family.

My brother and I both sporting our glasses

Missing little Josie in this picture but these three had lots of fun eating their pizza!

This month Brooklyn was all about her barbies and every night her room looked like this.  She cleaned it all up each night and then after homework each day she would dump her barbies all over to play with them.

She also spent some time making a lot of crowns, this is how she came out to breakfast one morning.

The girls celebrated their 100th day of school.  Kayla doesn't do fun crafts to celebrate anymore but I helped out in Brooklyn's class while they all made their 100 fruit loops necklaces.

The girls dressed up for rockstar day, I think putting the colors in their hair was the only thing they really cared about

Due to all of the rain Kayla didn't have too many practices for soccer and when she did I made sure to watch from the truck because it was too cold.

I love when I'm cooking in the kitchen and the girls join me to do art or write at the bar.

Kayla's Early Act club made signs and walked around our town for Kindness Week.  They meet a few Fridays a month and help at the school functions as well as do community service for our town.  She loves it and I love the experiences she is getting by being a part of this club.

This past weekend Kayla had a soccer tournament.   They came in fourth place out of 100 teams which is pretty darn good but unfortunately they will not be advancing to play anymore tournaments which we were hoping for.   She improved so much this year and became such a good goalie.   I will really miss watching her play for the next few months but a break from practices will be nice before it all starts up again in August.

Team captain on Saturday 

7:30 am on a Sunday morning watching these girls play soccer

Brooklyn enjoying a little snack before running off with her friends  

She swore she wasn't tired after two games Sunday afternoon but she passed out as soon as we got on the freeway!

Tuesday Kayla had her first AVID meeting after school and since it was almost 70 degrees out Brooklyn and I went to get ice cream.   I love one on one time with my girls!

That wraps up our month of January, today is February 1st and the weather is perfect for some bike and scooter riding so off to the front yard we go!


Billie Jo said...

Congrats to your girl, Shannon!
What wonderful accomplishments!
And always a smile on her face.
Your little one reminds me of Madison.
She LOVED Barbies!!!
Flynn hasn't really started yet.
She is more into her baby dolls. : )
Was wondering what winter weather is for you?
Bet you like it when it is cozy!
Have a nice night...
And I love your glasses!

Kelli said...

Congratulations Kayla! Love Brooklyns crown. I miss 100 day of school celebrations.
Yes January sure has felt like winter...I am ready for spring! The rain keeps coming!

Tara said...

I love your Congrats mantle!!! And congratulations to your girl! 70 in January? AWESOME! It's going to get up to 32 here today...