Thursday, February 9, 2017

Our Valentine's Home

Valentine's day is a few days away and I still have to buy my girls a gift!!   I think I have an idea what they will be getting and thank goodness for Amazon Prime!!  Atleast our home is decorated and I have somewhat of an idea on how we will celebrate the day.   I love sharing my decorations so that year after year I can come back here and remember where I placed things, it also helps me see what I already have when I'm out shopping and find something cute to purchase plus who doesn't love seeing a peak into other homes!!

Valentine's decorations are very simple and subtle around here because I'm not gonna lie I am usually enjoying the less is more look after all the Christmas decorations have been put away.  So little hearts here and there and touches of red and pink are all I need for this month.

Adding candies and treats in the kitchen is the easiest way to decorate and of course I love the way the girls get so excited when they come home to find new goodies to eat.

There definitely were more ding dongs and cupcakes in that container a few weeks ago!  That's what happens when mommy pretty much only buys that stuff once a year.

I love the way the cute felt ball garland looks on the mantle but it is currently laying on the floor because no matter how many times I tape it up there it falls down.  I know I could pin it or nail it but I really don't want to put holes in the mantle.   We are currently just having a love/hate relationship.  The girls find it hilarious though that it keeps falling down.. 

I love all of the twinkle lights that the dollar bins at Target have for each holiday.  It's so pretty having some extra twinkle in the rooms when the sun goes down.

That sums up our home sprinkled with love here and there.  Tomorrow night the girls have their father/daughter dance and I can't wait to hear all about their time with there daddy.  I'll be back with pictures over the weekend!

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Billie Jo said...

I adore your home Shannon.
In every season.
You have such a talent for creating a beautiful, cozy place for your family to enjoy.
What does Mommy do while her family is at a dance?
Shop? Or snuggle on the couch with a movie and a drink?
Whatever it is...enjoy!