Friday, February 10, 2017

Ten On Ten

Ten on Ten on a Friday, what could be better!?
I swear each week is getting harder and harder to get out of bed.  I'm very much ready for Summer!   Kayla is always up at the crack of dawn and usually reading in her room but since I actually get myself ready on Fridays to help out at the school she is in my bed reading while I shower.

Time for breakfast and making lunches.  I always light a candle or turn on an oil diffuser and now I turn on my new lamp.  I had been wanting one for the kitchen for awhile and when I saw this one at Pier1 on sale I just had to buy it.  It's my favorite little spot in the kitchen now.

Brooklyn was busy studying her addition before it was time to leave.  She didn't study all week and was in tears this morning over the fact that she didn't know her eights very well.   She was told to study over and over again all week but playing was more important so I had a little "I told you so" talk and I think she might have learned her lesson for now.

Fridays are my day to help out in Brooklyn's class and normally I stay just a few hours but today I was there 2 hours past my usual leave time.   The day was all kinds of crazy and not just with the amount of things to do but the kids!  There were attitudes galore....who talks back to teachers?!  It's unbelievable I tell you and one kid was just all kinds of angry, telling on everyone and arguing with others and then a little girl was crying because her parents are going through a divorce and because it was her dads weekend she was so upset about missing her mom.  I mean seriously, I had to turn away because I was tearing up.  That story goes way beyond that divorce so it was even harder for me bear!   The other kid that was angry also has parents divorcing and it breaks my heart how these sweet kids have to deal with all the drama that their adult parents put them through.   They have no idea how to handle all these feelings and the way they act out effects everything for them, from getting in trouble, to test scores etc.  It's just so sad!   I was beyond exhausted after this morning and mostly it was just emotionally!

After leaving the school I ran to the post office and then home to make my favorite quick and easy lunch.  Kale is my favorite veggie of all time and add it to mac n cheese and there is nothing better! 

Tonight is the father/daughter dance and it's Luau themed.   Brooklyn picked out the blue dress and since Kayla couldn't sit and pick one out online with me to order because, well, she's just "soooo busy"  she decided she would just wear something she has so she will be deciding between the pink or orange one and that means I have no say so because I'm mom and I know nothing ;)  I had to iron their outfits and believe me I have way more to iron but it's just not going to happen today!

Before heading to the school I grabbed some new magazines to read while waiting to pick up the girls.

Today was mismatch day so I had to get a picture of their crazy colors and prints they put together.

They wanted to get ready for the dance and paint their nails.  Kayla chose her favorite color green and Brooklyn chose blue cuz it looks like the ocean.

They are off to the dance with their daddy and hopefully I got some good pictures of them to share soon.  But for now I'm going to sit here and enjoy watching "Girlfriends Guide to Divorce" while enjoying some wine and chocolates.  Happy Friday!

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Sabrina said...

And I thought there was drama when I help out in the Kindergarten class. I feel so bad for those kids that are going through divorce. It must be hard for them to understand.
Your kitchen corner is so cozy. :)